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Forever 21, I went on your website back in January for some last-minute cheap clothes for the Weezer cruise, and what happened? I saw this dress for $13, or something ridiculous, and here I am. I love skater-style dresses, but when I finally put this on, I felt like it was a bit juvenile (which could be why I haven't worn it since the cruise). However, when my friend Sara invited me to her bachelorette party, I figured this dress would work great. To make it even more cheesy, I added a DIY star crown. Yep. I went there. 

This red purse is also a new purchase, damn you, Target! I am never allowed in that store alone ever again. Bonus to having a smaller purse though? No one will ask you if they can put their crap in it for you to carry around for them *side-glances at Kyle*. 


What else is going on in the life of Sara? Well nothing really interesting. I finally went to the dentist after an entire year, only to find out that I need to get four of my fillings corrected (I grind my teeth A LOT), and I apparently brush my teeth too hard. I don't mean to go Hulk on my own mouth, but it happens. Also, work. Work has been insane! I have been going in early on certain days, and staying late others. It isn't too bad though, because I like the projects I am working on, and once they are done, things will be easier going forward. Plus, the overtime is nice. So much adult. 

Speaking of much, we have loads planned for October! Every single weekend is booked. I don't know how I am going to make it, to be honest. We have another wedding, my brother David, and my sister-in-law Shannon are coming into town, we have birthdays to celebrate, and loads of fall things to do with awesome people. I am so excited for all of it, and at the end of the month is Halloween! My favorite holiday! Even if we don't do anything special, it is always a blast to pass out candy to kids (sneaking a bunch for ourselves, of course), and watching scary movies. I love it, I LOVE this time of year, and it is going to be amazing!


Purse & Tights-Target
Glasses-Warby Parker

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18 Musings

  1. Fall always does get so busy doesn't it? I don't know how, but it just does!

    Also Target. Yeah. I am not allowed to go there. I miss it. It calls to me.

  2. That outfit is adorable, lady. I got to Target all the time for my clothes. In fact, 9 times out of 10 when someone sees something on me, I say, "Thanks, I got it at Target -x- time ago."

    I love Forever 21, but I don't go enough.
    I actually have a dress that's just simple polka dots, but I have to convince myself it's not too juvenile, haha. It's really not, but when I first got it, I was like, "Oh no, what if this makes me look more like a baby?" It's still cute though, haha.

  3. I love this time of the year too! Halloween everything, please! I think this star print dress is really cool and actually could be a great Halloween dress. You know, for the day time part. It's really cute styled with that bomber jacket and red clutch.

    Jamie |

  4. I LOVE this time of year, too. And I agree that Halloween is the best. You are totally making this dress work. I think it's perfect for a bachelorette party! I love the clutch, too. Target can be bad news for our wallets sometimes!

  5. Super-cute outfit. Dress youthful works on you 'cause you're young! My October is equally jammed with activities. Let the fun begin!

  6. YOU ARE KILLING IT! BAM! Your lips match your bag and your dress matches your skirt and SQUEEEE! I love you. $13? Cheap cheap! Lately I've been researching brands as I buy them (or in some cases, don't) and some of the practises of cheap clothing brands hurt my heart. How is Forever 21? Do we know yet?

    I know we're not always in a position to buy expensive clothes btw :D Heck, I'm an oppyshopper from way back... my brain is on a green kick and I really want to spread that love. Should I write a post?

    It's 4am *sigh* LOVE YOUR GUTS SARA xx You will survive October and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. I am too sick and there comes Halloween but I am still way behind my projects.
    (That's why I decorated my porch 3 weeks ago!)
    That dress is adorable, I would love to wear one like that. Good luck on your upcoming schedule, use your confidence power!

  8. LOVE this outfit, so great for a bachelorette! And I feel you on the October and the first half of my November are already full. So ridiculous!

  9. aww sara you look so cute. love your star crown. This time of the year is my favorite time.i have to agree with the other and say that the dress is the perfect halloween dress haha

  10. I so love this dress! Its so fun and very attractive! Oh..I hope you find a solution to the grinding. Those mouth guards can be expensive. But I do know where you are coming from.

  11. awww... so adorable! I love the headband! adorable!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  12. Juvenile or not you look ADORABLE in that dress, Sara; and that DIY star crown makes it all the more fabulous! Lovelovelove!!


  13. Nice post! And love those pics!
    By the way, would you like to follow each other??
    Hope you'd stop by my site and leave a comment when you have time!


  14. I LOVE your outfit and the litle crown you're wearing. Whenever I hear someone talk about brushing something too hard (hair, teeth, etc.) I just think "you're just really enthusiastic about it". So you really enthusiastically brush your teeth... at least you brush them! If it makes you feel better... I enthusiastically brush my hair and have broken handles and combs while doing so :/

  15. Pretty awesome! That star crown is something, I love it!

  16. I love that dress and I absolutely wear it and enjoy feel juvenile haha.

    I am always the person to carry this thing and that... It's nice to not take a bag so I don't have to carry the inevitable bottle of coke Kris will buy!

  17. i was in target the other day. nothing nice. lol i love your dress and your head band is the cutest sara. take one day at a time girl.


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