Cat Ears & Coffee.  

Hello!  My name is Sara Jane. I have an associates degree in Liberal Arts from Oakland Community College, as well as a bachelors in English from Oakland University. I absolutely love learning new things, and would be more than happy to be a college student for the rest of my life. Sadly, I cannot afford to, so I do my best by keeping a vast interest in several activities, though I not an expert at any of them. As a result, I have come to document my many adventures/misadventures on this blog. I mostly write about daily happenings, and usually have an outfit to go with it (though I am obviously more of a thrift store/remix blogger as opposed to a high-fashion blogger). I was also born and raised in Michigan, so I love to blog about local haunts, everything from bars and restaurants to bands and artists.I also sometimes like to share a bit of prose, or a recipe, or a DIY craft that I have been working on. This blog was created back in 2009, and although it can be very diverse, I am pleased with how it has evolved. 

During the day, you can find me working as an office assistant for the Inventory Control and Transportation departments for Vesco Oil Corporation (an oil distributor based in Detroit, MI). During the evening, I work for my close friend's band, Stone Clover, doing a variety of things from photography to booking events. If you haven't guessed, I am a huge coffee fiend. I have also always loved cats, and have acquired several pairs of cat ears that I wear on an almost-daily basis. I'll answer to Sara, but I have also been known to go by Party Cat Sara.

I am only a part-time blogger, but blogging has become a passion of mine. Everyday is interesting, and I wouldn't change a thing. 

Questions/concerns or to contact me in general, you can find me at: Chubbylumpkin@Gmail.com