Everything Has Changed

10:11 PM


A lot has changed since these photos were taken on a 90 degree day back in July: Summer is all but gone, my bangs are no longer mint green, I've lost about six pounds due to stress, I've gained a core group of friends that I will forever be thankful for, and I moved back home. It is very surreal being in the same room I once lived in at the age of 10, and then again at 18 when I dropped out of Eastern Michigan University. It almost feels the same; I am broke, I crash with friends on weekends so that I don't have to be home, and I am overdosing on coffee. The truth about shitty situations in life? Time. It sounds like a lie, but time will help, it will fix your head, and your heart, just not all at once. It's all a bit wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey ;)


Since this is a new chapter in my life, I thought that a new blog title was in order. I cannot live without coffee, and I can't seem to go a week without being a Party Cat, so Cat Ears & Coffee it is! I am not entirely sure if much will change around the blog, it has always been a hodge podge of outfit photos, DIYs, life-stuff, foodie posts, and local happenings, and I plan on keeping it that way. The best way for me to wade through this mess in my life right now is to keep busy, so the blog has been put on the back-burn for a bit. I have lots of posts planned out in my crazy, cat-lady brain, so I am hoping to make them happen as the weeks go by, so, stay tuned for less depressing posts!


Top & Shorts-Amazon
Shoes & Purse-Thrifted
Floral Cat Ears- Forever 21

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14 Musings

  1. you are so G-damned beautiful I swear to FRICK.

  2. My heart is weeping for you. I hope things get better, pal.

  3. Life is not meant to be easy, keep your head up and know people out there care about you ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡, ps love the pics :)

  4. Glad you're keeping your chin up and looking for the silver linings. As you said, time will make everything a lot easier, it's just having the patience to wait it out :)


  5. Time is a healer, but sometimes it takes its own sweet time.

  6. Psssh.... a post that contains cat ears and talks about party cats is NOT depressing. Hang in there, sweetie. If Britney Spears made it thru 2007, you can make it thru anything!!


  7. You're still standing - and that says a great deal. Things will get better. Much love to you sweet Sara!

  8. Sending love and hugs and good vibes. xoxoxo.

  9. Aw man, I hope you continue to hold onto that positivity! I'm just a blog, Instagram, Tweet away, too, if you need me.

    Despite everything, you seem to be doing great so far. :) And you look so adorable (even if this is a couple of months ago).

  10. It always makes me happy to see a post from you, whatever the post may be about. Definitely not a depressing post, I sense some undertones of positivity in there!

  11. I didn't know Sarah. Missed you. Sometimes we don't understand changes, but many times they bring us to a better place.

  12. Oh.
    I am in shock because you two seemed to have a beautiful relationship. I am sad for you as I am sure there was a lot of hard things that you have had to go through and whatever happened, I hope you are able to heal (though in time). I am very sorry. I have been wondering why I have barely seen anything about your life over the past few months. I hope we can talk sometime. I am so glad to hear that you have such supportive and helpful friends and family members, though moving back home would be really rough after being independent for so long! You are wonderful!!!

  13. Hey Sara!

    a) Thanks for keeping the address while changing the blog title. I can't keep up with folks who keep swapping domains back and forth now that I'm only online every few weeks. Seriously, you are awesome.

    b) The purple hair looks fantastic. It's so you. You have a sexy confident grin that is coming out in your pics. I don't know how that is with all the turmoil going on, but I salute you. You have a good game face.

    c) So we're like, Internet strangers, but if there's anything I can do, let me know. Possibly difference circumstances, but I've had a marriage go down in flames and gone back to school and moved back home and moved again within the last handful of years. I'm glad to hear you have a solid group of friends who have your back.


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