Lincoln Street Art Park

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Currently I am parked in front of my laptop with a fan blowing warm air at my face as I keep glancing up at my reflection in the mirror on the back of my closet door. I let my hair air-dry as it is too hot to bother with the blow-dryer, and I am wondering if there is anyway that I can save it in the morning or if I should just dump sea-salt spray on my tresses and embrace the kinky ends and flat roots. The ice has already melted in the giant, orange plastic cup of water I just got for myself mere minutes ago, and my tummy is slightly swollen from consuming a little *too* much watermelon. I am listening to "So Tonight That I Might See" by Mazzy Star for the millionth time, and the anxiety that normally resides in my chest has dwindled down to almost non-existence. I am content. 

These photos, along with the ones from my last outfit post, were taken at Lincoln Street Art Park in Detroit. It is a sculpture park that was built on an abandoned industrial site a few years ago, and it has recently become a hangout place for Mariah and myself. I love it because the sculptures change often and it is never super crowded, although there are bonfires and the like usually later in the evenings. I had first came here back in 2011 for engagement photos, but hadn't been back until early spring of this year with Mariah. 

Lately I have been focusing on creating more good memories to tie into my past ones that were still tender up until a few months ago. It is very easy to slip into the mindset of associating certain places, events, and even music with another person. It seemed that my only options were to avoid these triggers, or to just accept both the good and bad memories and move on. I accepted, but also made the choice to extend them. I may have went to every Weezer concert before last September with my ex, it doesn't mean I have to stop listening to them, or forget all of those wonderful memories. Instead, I remember how amazing those times were, and added to them by seeing them play with friends, and by blasting them at parties. I keep the old memories, but continue to make new ones that are just as amazing. My journey with Weezer, that coffee shop, certain movies and songs are not over, they just have taken a different path. Just like I have. 

On this particular day, my friends and I brought sushi to the park, took a bunch of photos, and people-watched before moving on for the evening. I have recently come to terms with the fact that my brain was very warped for most of my twenties and that my body isn't as bad as I thought it was. As little as two years ago I would have cringed at my thighs and arms, today? I love how these photos turned out. The golden hour + 90's aesthetic? I am one happy Party Cat. 

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In other news: I am busy! I still haven't quite figured out the balance between work and play just yet (worst Libra ever), but I am getting there! Also, this blog makes me look so much cooler than I actually am. Honestly, I am sitting in my Doctor Who pajamas and trying desperately to get the Pokemon Go app to quit crashing on me. What a time to be alive! 

Seriously? Seriously.

Crappy servers and bloated tummies aside, I am really starting to feel happy again. The girl who couldn't make plans past the end of the month last year? She is making travel plans for this autumn. I have too many wonderful friends and family members living out of state to not dip my toes into traveling a little more often. I may have not set foot out of Michigan in over two years, but that is all about to change. Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, I am coming for you! Until then, keep it weird, kittens.


*All photos by Mariah & myself

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8 Musings

  1. I love your spirit and positivity. And your style always makes me smile. Wish that trip involved Washington. Coffee on me whenever you do make it this way. <3 But seriously, I loved this post so much.

  2. The pics are awesome, traveling is a great way to get out of the comfort zone and learn / try different things. One day overseas right? We will have many reasons for you to visit us :).

  3. What a great post! So full of deliciousness. Is there such a thing as "too much watermelon"? I didn't know that. :-)

    I'm sooo glad you learned a life-lesson before I did. We naturally associate one thing with another but then life goes on and we need to put that behind us and create new associations. I used to feel bad going to certain places for the reason you cite but, out of necessity, learned what you're describing. Life goes on -- make new experiences!

    Love this cool art-park. It suits your bohemian personality. And, as someone with direct personal knowledge, I can attest that you ARE as cool as you appear on your blog!

    Yay for travel. You'll love your adventures on the road. Keep us posted about them.

  4. I'm so happy and excited for you, that is great that you are making plans to travel and see your family and friends. I would love to do that but I am trying to save as much money as I can for Wrestlemania weekend in April 2017. That shit gets expensive especially when you want to "do it all" (go to all the shows, meet the wrestlers, buy cool merchandise.)

    I really loved this part of your post: I remember how amazing those times were, and added to them by seeing them play with friends, and by blasting them at parties. I keep the old memories, but continue to make new ones that are just as amazing.

    I have so many memories of my ex-husband and ex-boyfriend... I know it's silly but even with Orange is the New Black, when the new season came out I didn't want to watch it because I had all these memories of my ex-husband and I binge-watching it together and it felt so weird watching it alone. But I did watch it and I enjoyed it, and that's what I'm doing with everything else, just building more new memories on top of the old good memories. I don't know if I'm making any sense, but I think you get me what I'm trying to say, lol. ;)


  5. ...and CALIFORNIA! -Kelsey AND IG @kcamello

  6. lovely spot and your outfit is charming as well. What a vest!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  7. Firstly, YOU HAVE DOCTOR WHO PAJAMAS!??????????????????????????? Please show them! I love Doctor Who!!! Secondly,your outfit photos are amazing! I love what you wore and you look really nice!
    Thirdly, I adore the street art. So funky!x

  8. :) :) :)
    I love you. So much. I imagine every single day of your life to be like a One Tree Hill episode, just because you're American. So when I read this post it's in a Hilary Burton accent (I think yours are quite similar if I remember correctly) and it's a voiceover on top of some very pretty pictures!

    That place is so cool. Go you for taking it back again and having the courage to merge memories and stop avoiding your triggers. I go out and visit my house in Lilydale a lot, where my dad committed suicide and just look at the house. I think I should really go to that town more to make new memories, not let the others trap me. (Although it seems to be quite therapeutic. Anyway, rambling / anxious about sharing this occurrence, but I think you were already aware.)

    YOUR BODY IS BANGIN. You look so strong and sexy! I love those shorts/skirt/skort. Real cool. And the way you're pulling off the vest and choker. I believe my sense of self and my body was WAAAAAAY warped when I was 17-21. I was happy after it for 3 years, and now I'm loving it as it is, but I'm 10kg (and a few rolls) over where I wanna be. Good on you for being in a good place with your beautiful self.

    I loved this post. Wish I was there with you. And I've decided that by the end of 2017, I will have booked flights to the US. So soon I will be :) Hopefully you won't be in another state when I was pass through Michigan! :D Haha.

    Thanks for sporadically posting. Your posts add to my life. I totally beat you in lengths of absence, too ;)

    All the emoticons. <3 :) :* :D ;) xo


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