Little Bits: #FallShit

11:18 AM

Weekend recap, a day late and a dollar short, I know. This weekend was super exhausting, because again, we tried to pack too much in. We will never learn. 

Friday started out a bit hectic. We were late for critical mass, and having all kinds of issues with the bike rack on Kyle's car (it scraped up my car last time, so we switched cars). We got there after everyone left, but managed to park in a random spot in Corktown, and we hauled ass to catch up with the group. We were a bit grumpy, but after we got going, we relaxed a bit. The best part is when we rode through Mexicantown, which I haven't really been through in ages. More and more people are moving to the city, and Corktown, Woodbridge, and Midtown seem to be the popular places to move to these days. I am pretty sure that I would want to move to Mexicantown if we moved. It is a big area, there are always people outside, and everything smells good. We passed by so many restaurants, bars, and food trucks, that I was drooling most of the ride. The ride back to downtown was a bit rough though, and Kyle and I were pretty much dead by the time we got back to the car. 

After, we dropped the bikes off at Kyle's brother Chris's place, got cash out, then headed to PJ Larger's house in Corktown to for some beers with our friend Dan. We sat out back, had a few beers, listened to the few bands that were playing, and bullshitted. It was awesome. Then the guys decided to hit up a pop-up food shop next door before we headed home, and they got some Thanksgiving egg rolls that sounded and smelled amazing. 


Saturday I slept in, then headed out to run errands. I did some damage at Target, not even going to lie. Then I went home to get ready for the night. We started out with getting tacos at Imperial in Ferndale with our friends Dan, and Mariah. Then Mariah and I headed out to a club in Royal Oak called Luna for our friend Sara's bachelorette party. As much as I have come to loathe that part of town, I do really like Luna. It reminds me of The Bronze from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sometimes there is a live band, other times it is a mix of old school hip hop, indie bands you've never heard of, and Taylor Swift. There is also pool, and cheap drinks. All they need now are some cappuccinos, and fried food, amiright? Anyway, after a bit of drinking, and dancing, my brother-in-law Brian came to pick me up so that we could meet up with Kyle and Dan again. We ended the night with some karaoke, and it was great. 

Sunday, we got up, got some "hangover bagels", then ran some more errands. My dad informed us that a Kmart by us was closing, and everything was on sale, so we decided to check it out. Holy hell did we buy a bunch of crap! A shop vac, some flannel sheets for the bed, food, supplies for our bikes, slippers, cat litter, and some other crap.  We are on a serious shopping ban for a while. 

We then headed home and worked on the yard. I cleared a bunch of weeds out of the front garden, and knocked all of the spider webs off of the house, swept the porch, cut down some tiny weed trees, and basically made it look somewhat normal again. Then I went inside and cleaned the house, before we washed up, killed a pizza, and caught up on Doctor Who and Sleepy Hollow. 

I also took a bunch of pictures of fall things, filing them under the hashtag "#FallShit" because of reasons. 



1) Giant pumpkin on someone's lawn.
2) I definitely got out of the car, ran out onto the median on a side street to take this picture.
3) Dork gear for our bike ride!
4)  A very fallish house.
5) Bathroom selfies.  

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11 Musings

  1. I love your #FallShit hashtag. It may be my new favorite thing ever. Yay for scoring deals at closing sales!

  2. I love hearing the thoughts in your mind. They are so Sara-ish.

  3. Your weekends always sound like so much fun! I love the #fallshit.

  4. That definitely sounds hectic but fun overall. And #fallshit is my favorite hashtag, now.

  5. You two really get a lot done on your weekends! Love your adventures.

  6. So love that you are doing this. Hope you get in a pumpkin latte soon!

  7. BEST. Hashtag. Ever! I literally LOVE all of your fall pics - they're the most perfect thing to come up on my Instagram feed. Also...that fall house - I want!!


  8. Definitely think you are cheating and including Friday as the weekend... How can I complete for weekend activities when I am a day behind?! ;)

  9. what a cool score at kmart! you guys got some good stuff. love your shoes and that pumpkin is gorgeous. your weekends are always amazing sara.


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