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Hello kittens! Long time no blog. Lucky for me my bestie Mariah had a few hours Saturday afternoon to help me out with some outfit photos, and it was such a great day for it, wind aside. Much better than the sloppy, wet snow that is currently accumulating outside. Oh Michigan. 

Anywho! My internet friend Brandon posted a selfie while wearing this really cool t-shirt a few weeks back and after I raved about how awesome it was, he kindly offered to send me one (so cool!). The shirts were made for the organization Nashville Riot Girls, you can read all about their statement here. Even if Detroit is a bit of a hike from Nashville, I am all about feminism. Especially when it encourages a hate free environment.  Brandon has also started a GoFundMe account to help #FreeKesha, so please feel free to donate if you can. You can also contribute by purchasing a T-shirt, all proceeds go to the GoFundMe in an effort to raise money to buy Kesha's contract from Sony. 

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In an effort to streamline this blog a bit more, I created a second blog; Mitten Happenings. I have so many wonderful, talented friends that are creative in so many ways, and in the past I have tried my best to signal boost them with this blog. However, this is a personal style/life blog, so the content can get a bit hodge podge-y at times. So, in an effort to stay a bit more organized Mitten Happenings was born! 

Currently, there are only a few posts,  but you can also find links to artists near and dear to me on the side bar. My goal is to do at least one post per week with current events in the Detroit/Metro Detroit area, as well as a feature on artists every now and again. I am really excited to have a special place to showcase all of my talented friends, and now that it is separate from my regular blog, they have their own place to shine. I will link Mitten Happenings posts to Cat Ears & Coffee's Facebook page, so you can also follow along there.

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In more personal news, life has been pretty busy lately! As my friend Greg said, I am spinning plates. I have an amazing group of friends, work is insanely busy, I pretty much live at the gym, and I am in full project mode! I am slowly paying off bills, growing my gross hair out, and working really hard on becoming the best version of myself as possible. It is a process, it doesn't happen overnight, but this caterpillar will hopefully become a butterfly this time next year. This is the first time in months that I have actually felt happy, and I am going to run with it. Here is to optimism! Happy Wednesday, kittens!

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5 Musings

  1. Yay for fixing the comments section! I stumbled onto Mitten H. recently, probably from a link you tweeted, and soon figured out it was connected to you. Thanks for explaining. Love the shirt!

  2. It's always so nice to see your face around here! Looking awesome as always too!

    Sounds like things are going pretty great for you, I'm so happy to hear that! Keep at it and I'm sure you'll be your best version in no time!

    Go you!

    ~ K

  3. So great you are doing Mitten Happenings! Great to see all this creativity! Oh..and do you drip you coffee like in the banner? My favorite way to drink coffee every morning.

  4. Wow! Just Wow! You sound really really busy! Go YOU!

  5. Girl I have missed you! That top is so incredibly you, and the way you've styled it is brilliant! Cheers to finding happiness and optimism. Off to check out Mitten Happenings now!



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