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When I moved back home at the end of August last year, I immediately painted the walls of my room grey. Symbolism? Sure. But there is a comfort in being surrounded by tall, grey walls. Most of my belongings are in boxes in the basement (that desperately need to be sorted), but I did my best to make my old childhood room a bit more "me".  

The result: I like to refer to my room as the equivalent of a super-fancy dorm room. I am equipped with a mismatched bedroom set that I completely adore, a simple desk for blogging and whatnot, a mini-fridge, and a little chair for reading. I am on a mission to go through everything and weed out unnecessary items to sell, trade, or donate, and then slowly pick up things I will eventually need for when I get my own place-even if that won't be until a year from now. I am optimistic though! And it has been interesting watching my own tastes in decorating evolve as the years go on. It is a bit surreal to think that I once lived in an apartment with bright purple walls, and a house with a giant TV, and now I am embracing neutral bases, mixing vintage items with Aztec prints, pilling books all over the floor, and not even sure if I want to bother getting a TV. Getting to know myself a bit more over the past few months has been more managing than I had originally imagined, and at times even a bit refreshing. 

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Currently, I am thoroughly enjoying the Acoustic Covers playlist on Spotify and nursing a life hangover. I murdered my abs and glutes at the gym with my friend Greg on Friday night, then decided to check out The Tosspints with some awesome friends after. Drank waaay too much, but still managed to head to work for a few hours on Saturday morning, and chased that with a trip to the gym with Mariah. Stone Clover had their video release party on Saturday night, and it was so awesome to see so many familiar faces. I spent most of today cleaning, napping, and am still pleasantly exhausted. I think the rest of the evening calls for sleepy time tea and day dreaming of my own apartment one day, and that sounds completely perfect. 

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9 Musings

  1. Your room is super cute and cozy. I'm so happy that you're getting to know yourself better and are enjoying your days having fun and working out. I hope you're having a great night just relaxing!

  2. Is that a hamburger phone? Every time I see a hamburger phone, I just want to watch Juno haha.

    I love your room! It really makes me miss when I had my own real room, and not just my apartment that I don't want to personalise because I'll be moving eventually. I miss personal touches!

  3. What a nice peek at your personal space! It's fun to surround ourselves with items of style or significance.

  4. You are so creative! Great to see a picture of someone, you haven't talked much about, lately. My Mojo always has a place in my room. Love the little touches!

  5. Always great to make your space inviting..so you'll want to stay awhile. Awesome!

  6. This is lovely, your space is lovely, and you are lovely. You make me want to decorate--I get the bug once in a while. We have decorated our apartment, but we're trying not to go too crazy and then have to pack loads of nick nacks and decor when we eventually get a house at some point.

    Anyway, you're the best. <3 And I love your little space and you.

    The Golden Days | http://herestothegoldendays.blogspot.com

  7. OMG Sara it's perfection! Do you want a dorm-mate, because I totally want to inhabit this space! Your decor skills are adorable - loving all of the books and those Dr. Who-inspired lights. The dream catchers and Louie are total bonuses!


  8. such a cute room! hope you're well! xx

  9. I'm happy to hear that you feel as though you are getting to know yourself better. It sounds as though you are really learning how to feel comfortable in your own skin. I know I'm still going through that process too, it seems like it's a lifelong one! Glad to see you're feeling like posting more and glad to accompany you on your journey!


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