Little Bits: Love You, November

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KyleTrain station.Trees.Stock.

October was such a rush, but this month is off to a wonderful start. Most people cringe at the fact that it gets darker sooner, and that the weather gets cooler, but I embrace it. Don't get me wrong, I love warm summer nights, sipping beers in the backyard, but sitting on the couch, wrapped in blankets, watching TV with Kyle and the pups is amazeballs. 

Friday night I skipped the gym and took the dogs for a walk with Kyle to get a peppermint mocha from Biggby's, they are so damn good. I skip the whip cream, and get it made with soy milk (because the soy foams up anyway), and it is so freaking awesome! We headed home, watched Grimm, then went to bed early. 

Saturday I came in to work a half day, and ended up working five hours. I keep saying this, but it is just so nice to have the office to myself. I have been blasting classical music, drinking heaps of coffee, and just getting shit done. Anyway, after, I headed out to Astro Coffee in Corktown to meet my friend Thom for lunch. I had a giant bowl of this spicy/smokey tomato bisque soup that was just incredible, and yummy coffee. It was my first time there, and since the local cafe scene is very supportive of each other, everyone knew everyone! I met some really nice people, and had a great time. 

I then hit up Eastern Market, and Whole Foods for our weekly groceries, before heading to the gym, and then to get Kyle from work. We showered, then decided to have a date night! We saw St.Vincent, which was really, really good. It was predictable, but in an obvious way. It had a lot of heart. Then we had dinner at One Eye'd Betty's in Ferndale. I somehow skipped the poutine fries, and had a kale Caesar salad. Whaaatt! If it wasn't a really, really good salad, I would have been severely disappointed in myself. We then headed home to watch the Doctor Who finale (which was "meh", in my opinion, but I have hope for the Christmas special!). 


Sunday we got up and went to breakfast (another post on that to come this week!), took outfit photos, and then headed home to do chores. I made a batch of veggie stock, a double batch of potato-leek soup, and a sweet potato pie. I really hope that the pie came out well, I was too stuffed to have any last night. I also cleaned everything, and I think I have convinced Kyle that we need a deep-freezer. I have so much shit stuffed in our freezer, that it can't even be opened without something falling out, so naturally, I am the only one who is allowed to open it. 

I love November, it is the last month of my favorite season, it is the month of food, and it is the perfect month for watching Sweet November, amiright? I have lots coming up this week: outfit posts, a foodie post, and a post featuring one of my favorite places in Ferndale, so stay tuned!

1) Kyle, being Kyle. 
2) Obligatory train station pic, because I parked by it on Saturday. 
3) Pretty trees in the Whole Foods parking lot. 
4) Veggie stock!
5) My new hat because I hit my first fitness goal! And also because my dog ate my other winter hat. 

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11 Musings

  1. I love November for those reasons too! I can't drink coffee at night though! I have to stop by like noon, lol. And yum, potato leek soup! We're making some turnip leek soup this week and I cannot wait!!

  2. I LOVE when I have my little office to myself. You really do get a lot more work done when you're by yourself. Your weekend sounded lovely! I love your new hat btw!


  3. What a fun weekend, as usual. I love November, too. It's my birthday month and Thanksgiving. Yum! Double bonus! Congrats on meeting your fitness goal and that super cute hat!!!

  4. I agree the last month went so fast and i don't what happened on the weekend. One minute Friday, next minute Sunday and i didn't even get drunk lol

  5. I love November too - my absolute favourite. It's my birthday in a few days which makes it super special! After spending most of my life in the Southern hemisphere, I love that it gets cold at this time of the year - it feels so right compared to getting the shorts out in New Zealand! I think it helps with the festive feeling too! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  6. Love your new hat, it looks great on you! (But sorry your dog ate your other one lol) I hope you have a wonderful November. I just found your blog and love it... can't wait to read the rest of your posts that are coming up! :)


  7. Love your new hat! Yumm with veg too!

  8. Oh..its getting cold outside! Yes, time to watch some Dr. Who!

    Great photos!

  9. Sara, I love the things you two do together as a couple. I want a relationship like that. That's true love. You guys enjoy each other. That sweet potato pie sounds really good. I use to do the same thing at work. You can concentrate and get a lot done that way.

  10. The new hat is adorbs on you, Sara! Also...veggie stock! I'm off to do food shopping for Thanksgiving this Friday, as my nephew wants a 'feast' this year - not sure whether I'm excited or terrified. :P


  11. I'm quite looking forward to November, despite being quite the chunk into all ready. I like to pretend the holidays aren't coming and I can relax for another month.

    It's all about comfy nights on the sofa with food, tv and Kris.


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