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A few Sundays ago, Kyle and I were driving around after getting coffee with Kyle's brother Chris, and his wife Michelle. We ended up in Grosse Point, and after stopping in the Barnes & Noble for a book for Kyle, we headed out for a place to take outfit pics. We wandered through Grosse Point Park, and headed back into Detroit. We came across a bridge that looked cool, and when Kyle went to pull over, we parked by this house. The entire fence was made out of old, some vintage, doors! When we got out of the car, some people who were walking by asked if we lived there, I wish! When we walked around to the little bridge, we realized that it was over one of the canals that lead up to the Detroit river. Imagine coming out of your house, and at the end of your backyard was a little dock on a canal. There were a bunch of guys out on a little boat, sitting around, having some beers on this Sunday, and it just seemed very relaxing. 

Of course it was windy as hell, so my outfit pics are a little crazy, but I still liked how they came out. It was a little awkward when a couple of guys came up on their bikes to take pics of the door-fence. I hate taking pics when people are around, I get all sheepish. They were nice though, and said "hi" to us. 

When we were leaving. the lady who lives next door to the house came out and asked if we had taken any good pics. We mentioned that we thought the doors were cool, and she just laughed and said "Well, that is one way to save on a fence!".  Now Kyle wants to do this to our house. I honestly would not complain, anything is better than the ragged, crappy fence that we have currently. 

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I just picked up this cardigan for $9 at Forever 21, and I really love it! I think I need to go thrifting for some thicker, warmer sweaters though. These thin cardigans are cute for layering, but it is supposed to get cold this weekend. Speaking of, I am working a half day on Saturday. I don't really want to, but the overtime will be nice, as it looks like Kyle's car is dying. Ugh, adult things. Such bullshit. I do love having the office to myself though! I have been alone all week, and have finally been able to catch up on some things that I have been neglecting, An entire office to myself for a week? An introvert's dream!
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Cardigan-Forever 21
Belt-Mackinaw Island gift shop
Glasses-Warby Parker

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18 Musings

  1. Love this whole look, I really love your new cardigan! The color is so pretty! And I too love when I get the office to myself for a period of time!

  2. I love your skirt! I pretty much live in patterned skirts, they are so easy to wear. The door fence is awesome - what a great idea! Especially when you get cold old doors so cheap as most people just throw them out! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. I love the backgrounds in which you shoot your outfit photos. I get to appreciate how scenic Michigan is; it's different than what I see in CA!

  4. I love having the office to myself! Best thing about working later in the evening or the summer when everyone is off on their holidays!

    Totally in love with this outfit! The skirt is perfect!

  5. I already told you on Instagram, but I will say it again, I love this outfit! So cute. That door fence is crazy. I've never seen anything like it!

  6. Love this outfit. The print on the skirt is super cute.

  7. What a cool fence. We see amazing things when we're looking for them. Your mention of Grosse Point reminds me of the great film, "Grosse Point Blank." See it if you haven't already.

  8. Gah! This outfit is so adorbs, Sara!

    Yes to having the office to yourself. I used to work OT on Saturday's because no one was there, and I could accomplish, like, a week's worth of work in a few hours. The OT pay didn't hurt either. :P


  9. I laughed at 'an introvert's dream'. So true! What a cool fence. It's so fun to go off on a little adventure like that and I love the chance to tag along. Michigan is really pretty and clearly some creative people live there too.

    Your outfit is very cute and I love the red! What do you call this look? Hot dork?

  10. So awesome that you guys find these places! Love the outfit too!

  11. Oh, so beautiful. Now if their was a movie with this awesome backdrop..I'm sure I'd love it!

  12. It is awesome, I love the doors as a fence. The council would fine us here for that because it wouldn't meet the "standards" what assholes. Love the pic

  13. I used to love having the office to myself when I was working at the aquarium. So quiet! But slightly more boring...
    Anyway, I love this cardigan you picked up. I tend to find nice thin cardigans at Forever 21 too. I get my heavier knits thrifting! I hardly get to wear my heavy knits since it stays decently warm in Georgia.
    Also this place is such a neat background for pictures! The door fence is definitely interesting!

    Jamie |

  14. We have canals here, but I didn't think you guys would have them there. That's so cool! I saw the weather report and up north you guys are going to get an arctic blast! Bundle up!

  15. The door fence is a cool find!!! That is always neat to find places like that. . .like a treasure out in the open.


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