Blue November

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This dress, this stupid dress! The boat neck style makes it so that I have to either wear a strapless bra with it, or always layer something under/over it. It also has no shape, so it needs to be belted, something I unfortunately did not do for this particular outfit. It is also a little fitted around my bottom half, but really lose on top (hellllooooo pear-shape!), which is not flattering at all. Yet, I still love this dress. Probably because it has a late 60's/early 70's vibe to it, but also because Kyle bought it for me for my birthday last year. Stupid unflattering, but lovable garment!

Moving on, Kyle has been really awesome lately with all of the outfit photos. Normally he grumbles (especially in the winter), but lately He has been really cool with driving around, looking for a nice park, where he will take a bunch of awesome landscape-type photos of trees and shit (I LOVE trees and shit!). Or, he will quickly take a few early morning ones if I bribe him with coffee and a baked good from Red Hook in Ferndale before work. This is a great spot, because there are a few awesome brick walls to choose from, and I get really good coffee afterwards, and Kyle gets to go into work early, which means he gets to leave early. Win-Win! Sadly, we have only been able to grab our stuff and go, as I have had soooooo much to do at work lately, I haven't had the time to sit down for breakfast with Kyle, or the occasional friend, in about two months! Stupid adulthood, ruining breakfast. 

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In other news, I am basically counting down the days until vacation. It is going to be an amazing stay-cation! I have plans to touch up the paint in the kitchen, a small trip to IKEA, run a 5k with Kyle, get my living room back in order, get breakfast/lunch out at a few places that are always busy on the weekends, see some movies, spend a day just lounging about watching TV, taking the dogs for longer walks to get coffee, and of course, Thanksgiving! Aaaand it is only the 11th?! What is that nonsense!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Blue November

Coat-Forever 21
Dress, Shirt, Tights, Purse, & Hat-Target
Scarf & Necklace-Gifts
Glasses-Warby Parker 

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7 Musings

  1. I still love the dress even if you didn't belt it! The pattern is so fun and I love the colors! And hooray for staycations, they are the best sometimes! Enjoy it!!

  2. I hate when adulthood ruins breakfast! The worst! I love this dress on you. I don't find it unflattering at all. You look super cute, as always! And your staycation sounds absolutely glorious. I could use one of those!

  3. Stupid adulthood ruining breakfast. So so true! Hahah! I love the print on that dress..totally get why you bought it!

  4. The dress is cute. And getting Kyle into the photography aspect of helping you with blogging is smart: he'll enjoy taking pictures (of anything) and getting better at that. Photography is fun. By the time he realizes how skillfully you have manipulated him, you'll have a steady assistant for your outfit-photos...

  5. I know the feeling, most of my dresses are lose on top and very tight on the bottom half. Hate that!
    You look so pretty though! Love the color of your tights!

  6. You look so, so pretty, Sara! That blue hat totally makes your eyes pop! I am so in love with this look - it makes me think of the outfits in the film 'Love Story'.


  7. when you get tired of it as a dress, you can always cut it in half and make a skirt. lovely print. that brick wall is cool and so is your beanie.


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