Lennon Memorial Park

8:23 AM


Another outfit post, another park. This one we found in Ferndale, right after getting some lunch at Hilton Road Cafe (another place that I should do a blog post on!). This outfit was inspired by one of Tieka's fall outfits, and although  I like hers loads more, this was the perfect outfit for a cold Saturday out and about with Kyle, layers FTW! Not to mention my awesome new bracelet from my cousin Leslie! It is a TARDIS. and I love it so much! Anytime I can incorporate a fandom into an outfit is perfection for me. 

flannel2 Flannel4

Although most of the leaves have fallen in my area, there is still a big ass one with bright, yellow leaves in the park across from my house that I hope to take pictures of this weekend. It has been really awesome driving around with Kyle, looking for places to take photos lately. So much better than just standing by our house. I love all of the little extra photos I find when I am editing outfit photos too, Kyle has been sneaking in all sorts of cute shots. Do you think I can convince him to drive around like this in the winter? I might have to bribe him with food. So don't be surprised if you see a bunch of bakeries popping up on this blog. Seriously, the things Kyle will do for a doughnut. 

We are almost at the end of the week, and I am excited for the weekend (who isn't? Aside from those who have to work on weekends, obvs). It has been one month since I bought my gym membership, and I have been going an average of three times per week. Holy hell has it helped wear me out, I have been sleeping like a rock all week. That and melatonin are lifesavers. I have been getting to work on time all week, it is freaking everyone out.

I have another post coming up tomorrow, and I am kicking around some ideas for blog posts for the weeks coming up. So stay tuned :) 


Flannel-Forever 21
Dress & Boots-Target
Socks-Stole from Kyle
Necklace & Bracelet-Gifts
Glasses-Warby Parker

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10 Musings

  1. I love, love, love this outfit so hard! I love the pretty lace dress and plaid is such a win for me! I want to steal the whole thing! Such a pretty park too.

  2. I agree with Beth. I want to steal this whole outfit! Why don't you just go ahead and send it to MN so we can have it, m'kay?

  3. Lennon as in THE BEATLES? That is too cool.
    Why like someone else's waaaay more?
    I like yours. And I'll like my version even more... Self love baby! We got yo back, you're allowed. I know it's hard.

    You look a treat. Thanks for sharing xxx

  4. Cool outfit, love the bracelet!


  5. can i tell you had jealous i am of your bracelet i think i might steal from you when you're not looking hahaha
    love your outfit. love how you turn a fancy dress into causal dres with the plaid shirt.

  6. Oh..you are inspiring in so many ways. Hope the pups are doing great too!

  7. This outfit though...I'm just dying. So adore your style babe!

    P.S. That bracelet is amaze!


  8. I usually the last to arrive at my work, any day I'm there before 9am freaks people out. Sometimes I start at 7am just to see what time people really get to work. I have limited hobbies. And friends.

    It's definitely layers time now! I'm quite looking forward to trying to pull off an 'I felt the need to wear all my clothes at once' look.

  9. That bracelet is super cute!


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