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12:51 PM


I don't know why most of my instagrams from this weekend are black and white, probably to hide my gross hair. Seriously, I have THE WORST hair. It curls all weird when I try to blow dry it straight, and comes undone when I try to curl it. Someone make a sacrifice to the hair-gods already.

Anyway, this weekend started out pretty relaxing, but then became busier because it is almost the end of summer, and we have to squeeze in ALL of the things. Friday I came home and cleaned the house a bit, heated up leftovers, and then went for a long walk with Kyle. We came home and wanted to watch Shameless, but Comcast decided to take the fourth season off, you know, the season we were in the middle of, the LAST bloody season before the new one starts. Assholes. Anyway, we decided to watch Puss in Boots, because it was free and we are five years old. It was really cute! I recommend it to all of the cat ladies and cat men out there.


Saturday we headed down to Eastern Market like we normally do, and our friend Becky met up with us. It was awesome to see her for a bit, and to grab food from the food trucks for lunch. Two words: Shawarma Kayrouz. Okay, only the people from the Detroit area might get that, but still. Anyway, after that we headed to Meijer to get the rest of our groceries and return pop/beer bottles, like boring adults do.

After putting away the groceries, and getting some chores done, we washed up and headed out to my aunt Terri's to help set up for her wedding celebration. It was fun to see my cousins again, and we completely dorked out for a few hours, it was awesome. We came home later in the evening and had a little fire in the backyard, and Liam stayed the night.

Sunday we got up early (well, early for us on a Sunday) and took Liam to get bagels at our favorite bagel place in Ferndale, New York Bagel. Yes, it is called New York Bagel, in Michigan (whatever, the bagels are the shit). We dropped Liam off, got some caffeine, and headed to Costco, and the pet store. I am very proud to say that Kyle and I managed to stick to our shopping lists and budget all week/weekend. It is so tempting to just get take-out when you are tired of cooking, but thankfully I am great at making four times the amount of food meant for two people, so we always have leftovers.

We then came home, and I am not sure what happened, but Kyle and I suddenly became very productive and Kyle cleaned out the garage and worked on the yard, while I attacked the kitchen and laundry. I made LOADS of food, so there will be lots of foodie posts in the next few weeks. Food, its whats for food. 


1) Kyle, Becky, et Moi. 
2) Share a Coke with the correct spelling of 'Sara'.
3) First summer squash of the year. 
4) Group photo with my cousins and Aunt. 

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10 Musings

  1. I feel you on the hair! I'm trying to grow mine out and that was a huge mistake in humid summer season!! Eek. Also big squash is big - it looks yummy!!

  2. I know what you mean about the end of summer...we are trying to fit it all in! It sounds like a great weekend!

  3. Black and White photos have the power to make the worst photos into the best photos. It's like magic! Btw - I'm not saying any of your photos are bad. They're super cute! Looking forward to the food posts!


  4. Oh such summer fun! & a squash too!

    Cool about finding your coke too!

  5. Love the laughter in your photos! Oh, you do make wonderful friends!

  6. So cool to see your fun photos! Great to see your weekend!

  7. The things i miss about America,
    (a) You awesome people ;)
    (b) Costco being twice as awesome as Australia
    (c) Bagels...OMG i don't know what drugs you use or MSG but they taste fantastic.
    Love the pics
    Can't wait for next one...

  8. Sticky to the shopping list... I don't believe you. I call bullshit on that!

    I have no concept of what a reasonable amount of food for two people is, we always have leftovers for lunch the next day :) Hello, roasted veggie pasta with some chicken for my lunch today!

    ~ K

  9. I love that you found a Coke bottle with your name on it. I swear, I feel so insignificant because I have yet to find one with my name {correct spelling mandatory}. :P


  10. Ok compared to all the cool things you did Sara, I didn't do shit! HaHaHa Overload of cool things! Glad you guys fitted everything in. That's ashame they took that series off. Now I want to see puss in boots! And I'm way older than you! HaHa


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