Don't Panic

11:03 AM


An outfit photo taken after a small downpour a few weekends ago, but nothing compared to what happened last night. What started with a steady rain in the middle of the afternoon, quickly lead to flooding of freeways, traffic jams, and street closings. Our basement flooded, a good foot in some areas, and the street outside of my house was a lake. People were using canoes to get around, cars are stalled out, and basically abandoned all over the city and the surrounding areas. I was lucky enough to have left work early enough (I work near Midtown/Eastern Market area of Detroit, and we live in a suburb just outside of the city, for you new readers out there) to have avoided the freeway, and most of the heavy flooding on the side streets. However, a manhole blew outside of our house because of all of the water pressure from the rain. This was eventually a good thing, because when the rain slowed down, the open sewer drained a good chunk of the water. 

Today things are a little better, it still took me well over an hour to get to work, when it usually takes 15-20 minutes. The freeway I normally take is a lake right now, and it is supposed to rain again tonight. I am not sure what is all damaged in the basement, but I *think* we managed to get most of the important stuff out of the way. I am mostly hoping that the rain isn't too bad today so that I can clean everything, because I am not going to lie, it smells fucking gross. 

Happy Tuesday, everyone. 

Dress & purse-Thrifted
Cardigan-Urban Outfitters
Earrings & Tom Baker pin-Gifts
Glasses-Warby Parker

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7 Musings

  1. UGH! Rain like that is awful - we experienced that kind of rain back in May and June and it was ugly. I hope you dry out quickly!

    You do look cute in your earlier rain outfit at least!

  2. Oh man, I am sorry to hear that! I saw pictures today and it looks pretty bad! On the plus side, you look gorgeous in this photo! I love your earrings!

  3. Aww i hate the smell of awful rain! :( But your earrings are adorbs I must say! haha..

    xo - Sheila

  4. Oh my word Sara!!! We get street flooding in New Orleans so I can imagine what's happening there. It's so scary! My aunts old house in Cincy had a basement and it flooded. It was a mess! She had to get a company to vac and suck out the water. They're expensive. It has to be cleaned out or it will smell bad or mold. So sorry this happened doll. You guys didn't deserve this :(

  5. Sorry 'bout the flooding, bud. Stuff is merely stuff. Hope things improve for you.

  6. Those earrings. That dress. You look gorgeous girl! Though I'm sorry to hear about all of the rain damage / flooding. I hope the weather calms down.


  7. I hope you are ok and there isn't too much damage! Flash flooding is really hard to deal with because it just happens so fast and everyone loses their heads.

    You guys have had a rough deal with the weather, with the crazy winter and now the crazy summer...

    Hope things go ok, everything dries up and not too much damage!


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