Eats: Chili Dog Casserole

11:04 AM


I honestly should just call this "heart-attack casserole", because obviously. Why would someone like me, who is pretty adamant on eating healthy foods bother to cook such a monster, let alone eat it? Well here is the thing: Kyle and I are pretty broke at the moment. A few weeks ago, we had a bunch of family over for a cookout, and we had loads of hot dogs, burgers, and buns leftover. I froze everything, assuming we could do something with it later (Sara doesn't waste food!). 

I found a recipe on Pinterest for chili dog casserole, and half-joked about making it for Kyle. He kept asking about it, so I caved and made it. 

8 pack of hot dog buns
8 pack of hot dogs
Half an onion
1 can of chili
1 cup of shredded cheese
Green onion 

Slice up the hot dog buns into 1-2 inch pieces, and place them in a casserole dish. Next slice up the hot dogs into 1/2 inch pieces, and layer them on top. Slice up an onion, and add that next. Then add your chili, and cheese on top of the onion. I then sliced up some green onion and added it last. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes, and that is it. 

Because we had random leftovers, this casserole was a mix of wheat, and white buns, both veggie, and regular hot dogs, and I used vegetarian chili. So I suppose you could try to make this a tad healthier, but either way, it tasted pretty good. I made a huge salad to go with it to tell myself that this wasn't a horrible dinner, but I think this might make a good dish to take to a summer BBQ or something. 

Happy Friday!

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13 Musings

  1. Looks delicious and seems simple to make!

    xo - Sheila

  2. I have been craving Chili Dogs in the worst way - this is not helping, but that's ok, it's instead just giving me a dinner suggestion for this weekend! YUM.

  3. Heart attack or not, I would totally eat this! I'm going to need to pick up some veggie dogs and chili next week!

  4. So random :) Kim would not let me cook it. Maybe when she goes on her work conference I can eat it by myself lol.

  5. Sounds tasty :) Great way to sneak some leftovers into the dinner!

  6. I can't get on my high horse and criticize your food-selection: for dinner tonight, I ate three bacon and mayo sandwiches, which I chased down with half a bag of Doritos and a beer...

  7. Good idea! There is no need to eat healthy absolutely all the time.

  8. Oh just think of it as memories of summer..especially, in the dead of winter. You gotta have stuff like this..every great once in while!

  9. That's a good heart attack! HaHaHa Looks yummy delicious Sara!


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