Little Bits: A Fangirl Kinda Life.

5:30 PM

How do you know you have fangirl tendencies? You have a "SQUEEE" attack whenever a reference to whatever it is you are in love with is part of a conversation. Even if it is you who brought it up in the first place. 

Some little-bits of the past month:

1) The most awesome wall-art ever! Thanks to Mariah. 2) Liam with tea and a sonic screwdriver. 3) Sideburns and Louie, being Sideburns and Louie. 4) Vintage Daleks. 5) Whiteboard Daleks. 6)CAT MUG. 7) Mae's has the best salt and pepper shakers. 8) The bane of my existence. Or yarn. Whatever. 9) Bowling, because bowling. 

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4 Musings

  1. Those salt and pepper shakers are so cute!

  2. ok, i definitely have squee attacks over things! like major ones! HAHAHA i am loving that cat mug with the paw prints. how cute is THAT!!! LOVE

  3. Enthusiasm in life is like catnip.


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