Little Bits: And January Begins

5:30 PM

This is the time of year when everyone take a minute to evaluate their lives, to seek out what they value the most, and what needs improvement. I am the queen of creating lists and goals, but there are times when the biggest decisions in life are what in the hell to do for dinner. 

January is all about reminding myself of the small comforts in my life, splitting delicious take-out with Kyle, a bowl of oatmeal and a bucket of coffee in the morning, and hanging out with my little brother (I somehow have managed to con him into thinking doing chores at my house is a blast. Kids are weird). I also take a look at what is draining me, it is usually work. So I bring in goofy photos to remind me that when I go home, I have a wonderful husband who likes to pretend to fly when I pick him up, and a wonderful dog who will gladly eat half of my dinner-you know, to help me cut calories. And of course, cats. 


1) Bangkok Cafe in Ferndale aka The Greatest Place Ever. 2) & 3) My attempt at making my workplace a little less depressing. 4) Oatmeal, all day everyday. 5) Still hanging out with Liam, crazy kid. 

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9 Musings

  1. glad you are spending time with Liam. Lovely, pics of life.

  2. kids are weird I work with them and them tell the weirdest stories. aww laim is cute. love your little bits posts

  3. Liam is an adorable little boy! :D I've found that kids are willing to do anything as long as you make it fun. Haha.

    Enter to win a feather hair extension from Hair Extension Deal!!! :)


  4. Such great times. So glad you shared them.

  5. Liam is so animated. You guys have such wonderful times. You are very inspiring.

  6. I LOVE your kitty cat calendar! We are so alike - every year I wind up with a cat calendar hanging above my desk. :P

  7. it's always nice to remind yourself of the good things in life...and to know that even the smallest treasures can make you so happy!

  8. it's those little moments that mean so much.


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