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10:30 AM

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Louie the professional photo-bomber! What can I say? He just loves the camera. Sadly, the snow shown here is all gone, boo! No worries, here in Michigan we usually get dumped on in February. Which is why Kyle and I never really  dress up and go out for Valentines Day, but this year changes everything! Mariah got tickets to see The Lion King and she is awesome and bringing us! SIMBA!

Truth be told, Valentine's day is a cheesy, stupid holiday but I can't help but like it. I always want to buy little packs of Valentine's for my friends, and I love that everything is pink, purple, and red. I saw pink pancakes at the store last week, I was so close to picking them up but decided I could go crazy and use food coloring at home.  Oh and let's not forget the greatest thing ever, invented just for February 14th: The personal heart-shaped pizza!

Alright, I will calm myself now. 

Shirt, Scarf, & Coat-Gifts
Necklace-Love 21
Dress & Shoes-Modcloth

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11 Musings

  1. So many things to comment about on this blog.

    I recognize your skirt/dress! I love how you wear sweaters and different accessories to make items into whole new outfits.

    I'm jealous about The Lion King!

    I love that you admit you like Valentines Day! I've always been a "I hate it, it's a stupid holiday" person but that's because I always felt shitty and alone that day. I don't want to make a big deal out of it this year but a part of me is looking forward to it. I LOVE the idea of pink pancakes! I will have to try to remember to do that.

  2. I love Valentine's Day! I always have. I usually don't have a valentine to share it with, but celebrate it none the less. HaHaHa Ok, this is the first I've heard about a heart shaped pizza. HAHAHA What society won't turn into a holiday! HAHAHAHAHAHA I love the red and beautiful colors in your outfit Sara. Looks so pretty against the snow.

  3. I actually really like Valentine's Day too. It's fun.

    And the Lion King is amazing - I saw it when it was here years ago and it's one of the best live shows I've ever seen.

  4. wow! great <3 perfect for winter :)

    - A.

  5. adorable combo! I am so behind on reading blogs, but i adore your new hair!! i wish i could do the pixie cut soooo cute. hope all is well in the D

  6. i like valentine's day...any time you can show someone you love them is good...but it should be every day! i love your sweater and the necklace is the perfect accessory for it. i also love your hair...did you cut/color it?

  7. So love your necklace!

    Oh, that sounds like an amazing Valentines day planned.

    I've had some awful blizzard experiences of Valentines day in the past. We usually, stay in and have steak, and hopefully not watch a film staring Jim Carry..but it could happen.

  8. Love the dress. Such a great outfit.

    Wow, about your Lion King plans! It'll be so great.

    Wishing you some safe weather.

  9. Sweet winter outfit.

    I'm excited for you guys!

  10. I like Valentine's Day, too. Every year, I pick someone I know who's single and lonely and I treat them like a queen. Spreadin' the love to the people who need it.

    These photos show why we love you -- so cute, so colorful. You brighten our lives.

  11. I just wanted to say that ever since you started doing ballet, you can see how your waistline is gaining the ballet physique! Your shoulders and arms too. It is crazy! I just noticed in this post though.
    Rob does things once in a blue moon for me on Valentine's Day. He never buys me presents on any holiday, but there were maybe two times I got flowers. That was a nice thing. It was only our first Valentine's Day and maybe one from a few years ago. Haha. Oh well. He's always paying attention to me anyway, so it is okay. I think pink pancakes would be so freaky.


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