Little Bits: Early Summer

10:25 AM

More instagram pics because my camera battery charger is still MIA. Kyle is on a mission to pick up a new one today, which means it will show up sometime shortly after we buy the new one…but at least I will be able to use my camera again, woot.  

Lately I have been noticing my ongoing battle with being a creature of habit, and craving spontaneity and new places. I keep wanting to rush out to a salon and chop off all of my hair into a pixie-cut or slap fresh paint on the walls of my house. I want to travel to a new place, somewhere I have never been (which isn’t hard if I ever leave the state of Michigan). Kyle and I passed a coffee/alcohol bar that we’ve never been to and want to go. I want to max out all of our credit cards and go to Europe. But then, often times I get so mad when things change. Last night we went to the WAB in Ferndale, a favorite brewery of ours, and I was severely bummed they no longer had the green dressing for my Topopo salad. I am in the second season of Doctor Who and am in love with the tenth doctor, but I pout and whine because I miss the ninth. In the end, I am a true Libra at heart-I have to have balance. I can still be adventurous, I just need my security blanket (or in my case, a stuffed Wicket) with me.

1) Even on a 90 degree day, a must-have. 2)Our garage patio all ready for summer! 3)Pretty Polka dots on my new Summer dress. 4)My bestie Jamie & me. 5)I live in these. 6)Snacks Buddy. 7) Ice cream from Treat Dreams in Ferndale.

Song of the day "Ain't she sweet" Performed By The Beatles

PS-Did anyone else watch "Bunheads" last night?

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21 Musings

  1. No haircuts until after the wedding!

  2. Hi sara beautiful imagens!!!!

    Kisses rose jp

  3. I totally relate to that! Sometimes I have a hard time with change and yet, I crave adventure, specifically the desire to travel somewhere I've never been before!

  4. you kind of just described me, but i'm a pisces! =) maybe kyle can be your security blanket and you can go out together and do all of those things!

  5. I'm the exact same way--that's why I love day or overnight trips!

  6. Such yummy ice cream. Oh, the traveling bug bites me every once in awhile..but not like it used too.

    I love your hometown adventures.

  7. Sweet update. I'm sure you'll have some trip somewhere this summer.

    Love the fruit picture!

  8. I'm glad you are enjoying the little things of summer. Wishing you the best!

    Love your instagrams!

  9. These are so cool. And inspiring. It makes me want to do some.

    Thanks for sharing these.

  10. Anjo!!! O bom de sermos amigos é que não importa como somos , o que fazemos ou onde estamos;
    O que importa mesmo é sabermos que somos amigos e que a nossa conexão é mantida pelo pulsar do nosso coração !!
    Uma linda noite dos namorados muito amor no coração.
    Obrigada pelo carinho pela presença constante
    no meu blog minha linda amizade.
    Beijos saudades receba meu carinho.
    Evanir..Amei conhecer seu blog.

  11. So are you going to wait until after the wedding for a haircut?

    Yummy ice cream pic! I'm so hungry now. These are divine.

  12. I felt the same sadness when the tenth doctor replaced the ninth. But I later learned to accept the process. I'm now up to the current seaason with Matt Smith who makes an excellent Doctor.

  13. OMG, YOUR NUMBER 7 PICTURE!! make me had a big gulp, sara :)

  14. I always love your Instagram pics, Sara - so cute! And that ice cream looks beyond scrummy - I LOVE the color! :)

  15. Feel you! Getting out of my place of home Saturday. I'll be in D.C. at the baseball game. Can't wait to get out, you know sometimes you need too! Your hair is too cute, please don't cut!!

    That is where I get stuck in a rut! My hair!

  16. That looks like a lovely polka dot dress. I'm jealous of you having summer right now!

  17. First off, I love those placemats. I used to have a doormat the same. So kitschy cute :)

    Second of all, I totally feels ya. I'm such a homebody/creature of habit but I really want to do wild things sometimes. Spend big. Live large. Ahhh, balance. I'm not even a Libran.

    A stuffed wicket? Tell me more! I have a pillow named Thingy. I don't sleep without him. Hahah

  18. I get what you mean! Even though most of the time I like trying out new stuff, sometimes I do crave the familiarity of things. I guess that's just life! :)

    P.S. Thanks for checking out my movie picks for June.

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  19. ★ (・∀・)

    love pictures on your blog :) very nice layout. clean and charming. love your blog.
    i am following you, would you like to follow me back? -:)

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  20. Coffee is always a must-have! ha I love your photos, even though you want change, you're a very charming creature of habit. That being said, if you want to shake things up, start small! Try ordering something new at WAB so the salad dressing doesn't depress you, next go to the coffee bar (and invite me too, it sounds awesome!), continue by taking a road trip out of state (perhaps to Minnesota this summer? ha), and only then max out those credit cards in Europe. It's good to list your goals, but too many at once can be daunting. Stepping out of your comfort zone is difficult, but remember it's just a step (and sometimes just dipping that toe in the water, which is better than nothing) not a leap. And stepping outside the comfort zone only works if you have that comfort zone to return to as a safe haven/boundary marker, so the way I see it, having good habits aren't bad at all.


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