Summer, Be Nice

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It is that time of year where I no longer have to check the weather, I already know everyday for the next three months it will be hot as balls. I will have to carefully plan out each outfit according to where I will be that day, and have layers that can easily be shed in the heat and thrown back on in the intense AC. Sunblock will be slathered all over my all but translucent skin, causing me to break out like a hormonal teenager, and no matter how many pairs of sunglasses I own, I will lose them all.

Summer does have some plus-sides, once you get past the bugs and clean off all of your fans, the days seem longer. The day is not done at 6:30pm, nope. If there is still daylight in the sky until 9ish at night, then you can stay up watching TV. You can take an impromptu walk up to the Dairy Queen and get a frozen yogurt. If you are not easily freaked out by bugs, you can enjoy lightning bugs once it is dark. Just make sure bath yourself in bug spray so you don’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes. As much as I crave brisk-cool fall mornings, colorful leaves & cider, I will try to be friends with summer this year. At least for now.

Dress & Necklace-Target

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18 Musings

  1. You look adorable in your photos!

    I love summer!

  2. summer, yaiy! i love summer :) frozen yogurt and watching TV til late sounds fun, sara. it's 8.25 pm and i'm gonna start my DVD time :)
    you look so cute!!! i love that little jacket and the butterfly bag :)) have a nice summer!

  3. I seriously LOVE your style! Those flats, ah, love them! And ugh, not looking forward to the breakouts due to sunscreen. i have the same problem!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. Man, you and I could be twins - that is totally how I feel about summer too! I try to be friends with it, but I long for the cool days of Autumn!

    I adore this outfit - the sweater is so cute with the embroidered flowers! I love your polka dot skirt and I really love your butterfly bag!!! Also, I swear I have the same earrings you have on just in pink.

  5. So adorable - I love your necklace!

  6. This is a very perfect outfit and it is totally my style. I love those shoes every time I see them. I adore your dress and the cardigan is stunning. Those flowers are so incredibly pretty.

  7. i love summer, but yes, it does have its downfalls! for instance, my hair today is twice as big as normal due to the humidity! i did, however, discover a trick...rub your body with a dryer sheet to keep mosquitoes away. i'm not sure why it works, but it does (and smells way better than bug spray)!

  8. such a lovely outfit!
    love your polka dot skirt.
    so beautiful and cute!

  9. I know what you mean about sunshades. I lose them so fast! That is why I buy the cheapest possible. Usually, on clearance when not needed. But even here in winter, good to have them on a snow day.

    Raspberry picking time here.

    Love your outfit. All the best making amends with summer. Its an on going job.

  10. I love this sweater of yours. I have one similar, but in burgundy. I love that thing. Especially, at work.

    You're looking awesome!

  11. I wish I could dress as adorably girly as you. You have such a great way of wearing these outfits! I would just look ... awkward. How lame.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Love your accessories! So many good points you made about surviving summer!

  13. Some great tips to keep in mind. So much to enjoy in spite of bugs.

  14. Amen! I have to dress exactly the same way, with a cardigan always in my bag. It is easier to be friends with summer in the beginning before you suffer for heat fatigue and just want it all to end.

  15. Really amazing earrings and pin. So lovely! Sweet update!

  16. Ah, you've totally described everything that I love about summer! Heart this post, Sara - and I love love your cardigan! :)

  17. Dairy Queen is my favorite thing about summer!

  18. Sara beautiful cardigan, i loved cardigan...

    Kisses rose jp


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