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Sometime late Sunday night I was bitten in the ass by the motivation bug and ever since I have been on the go. I always go through these phases, I make lists, try to cram in as much as possible each day, and I usually end up exhausted. This time, I am not going to be stupid about it. I have pretty much decided that I am done with going out on weeknights for awhile, I know, I sound old. I don’t mind going out as long as I actually have the free time, but lately I have been just trying so hard to do everything and it is causing me to face-plant into my sofa after work and not move until morning. Kyle and I have been busting ass cleaning the house, and it finally looks like it. I am *almost* caught up with laundry, and have been able to find things when I need them-whoa, big feat at 26 years old, huh?

Other than that, my life has been dedicated to working out, wedding planning, catching up on amazing television shows-Hello Torchwood!-and making a dent in my summer reading list. Woot Woot!

Shawl- & necklaceF21
Dress, belt & Shoes-Thrifted

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22 Musings

  1. can you pass some of that motivation on to me, please?? good for you! i'm glad you are getting everything done, and also glad that you are relaxing and catching up on tv!!

  2. Such an amazing shawl. Well..there is always laundry..ugh. All the best to the wedding planning.

  3. I get in those motivated moods every now and then too. Something always happens and then I get off track though.

    I love your pretty shawl!!

  4. Yeah, I need that bug to bite me.
    Great top!

  5. I'm hoping you get some down time soon! Looking great!

  6. Really, love your shawl. All the best on that list!

  7. Can you catch the motivation bug through the Internet airways by any chance? Cause I've been having the exact opposite week...your burst of it must have caused some kind of shift in the equilibrium :) I love this outfit...the boho top is so pretty over this skirt. Also, I'm always nosey about other people's reading lists so please feel free to share any recommendations with us!!

  8. Dig the shawl and now I really want your shoes!
    I do the same thing sometimes. This little motivation bug will get me cleaning and organizing and moving like a madwomen. Unfortunately it's a bit rare when it comes around. All other times I'm victim to the procrastination bug. haha

  9. I don't think there's anything wrong with taking some time out of going out at nights.. I usually enjoy staying in and just watching movies, being lazy.. sometimes you need to stop and be lazy for a while.. recharge.. so go for it!
    squeeze in a couple of red wine glasses and you'll definitely get a good night sleep..
    cool look.. loving the lace top.. and digging those little gnomes!

  10. so darling. hah I love the little dwarf/gnomes too. I tend to get in those phases...if I'm lucky I'll just go to the other extreme and be lazy or I'll get super stressed. Glad to hear you are balancing it with time with Kyle and reading. Hope the wedding planning is going well!

  11. Hi Sara!!! Beautiful forever!!!!

    Kisses rose jp

  12. Such a cool summer outfit. Love the bag, too. Oh, I hope you get in some good reading..and rest, too.

  13. Hooray for motivation! It must be something in the air, as I have been that way all week, as well - and I LOVE it!

    P.S. Your hair looks so cute in these pictures; and I LOVE the lacy top! :)

  14. My problem is I never slow down. I need to simplify.

  15. I love the fringing on the shawl. It is beautiful. I definitely need more items like this in my wardrobe. When is the wedding?

  16. Sara- wedding planning, working out, reading, house cleaning, etc!? I think you're busy enough already, so don't add a to-do list on top of that. However, it is smart to recognize these crazy pattern in your life and attempt to balance it.

  17. you look so cute! i really like your lace top and dress!

    haha good luck with everything, sara

  18. Great outfit & you look nice! Love that floral skirt!

  19. ahahaha bitten in the ass how cute. I love your shoes.

  20. I'm lately this same too tired to go out ;)and I'm just a bit older..
    love the lace top!!

  21. Oh gosh, I just fell in love with your top/shawl! It's so perfect for music festivals. Anyways, good luck with everything! :D

    P.S. Thanks for checking out my post about Tyler Shields and yay for routines!

    Lots of love, B
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