Little Bits: Camping in Metamora

8:55 AM

Once the warm weather hits and stays, the itch to get away for a few days is soon to follow. Kyle, my brother Mark & his girlfriend Mariah & I, all decided to sneak off for a weekend of camping at Metamora campground in Michigan. Only a mile away from the city and it is like being in a different world. The trees are the same, but instead of smog there is a lake. Residents have piles of firewood and fruit for sale in their yards, on an honor system. Oh and street signs are not always a given, so smartphones are welcome.

Friday night we were restless and ended up staying awake until the wee hours of the morning, drinking and enjoying a campfire. Saturday morning, Mark was up before the crack of dawn renting us a boat to take out on the lake and there is where we pretty much stayed for the most of the day. Coming from a cozy, but stifling hot house in the city with no air, I welcomed the 10 degree difference in the temperature. I also had no problem jumping into a lake highly populated with fish and snails. I honestly would have loved to go on a run or a hike in the six-mile trails in the park, but I had no fellow runners in the group, so I may have to recruit Kyle for a jog up there in a few weeks.

Now that I have had a taste of vacation, I honestly cannot wait until the wedding is over so Kyle and I can go somewhere, or at least stay home and get to know sleep a little better. Life is just crazy lately, and I am inhaling heaps of coffee to keep up.

1) First night of camping-Starting it off right with some drinks. 2)Mariah & I trying our hand at rowing. 3)Some bromance. 4) These guys made stick-man outfits with black clothing and glowsticks, then proceeded to scare the crap out of the rest of the campground. 5) We made pizza & pbj hobo pies for our meals.

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10 Musings

  1. this seriously sounds perfect to me! i love your descriptions. and i would have gone running with you!!

  2. Cute photos! I wanna go camping as well, just a few more weeks!



  3. Oh, how fun! I am hoping the weather was cooler there..than here.

  4. You guys really know how to enjoy the summer. Great pics!

  5. What a great campout. Oh so fun. Love the bromance!

  6. That sounds like exactly what you needed. Here's to more rest and relaxation for you, Sara!

    I love hobo pies.

  7. Fantastic! Sounds like so much fun! You didn't have any tick problems, did you?

  8. With our hot muggy weather, I would have never lasted on a camping trip this summer. How cool that you camp!

  9. Hi Sara i loved camping!!! August I am go to motosuko lake...

    Kisses rose jp


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