Taste of Summer

9:03 AM

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These photos were taken on a 90 degree day a few weeks ago, when Kyle and I ventured down to Eastern Market for the day. We still have some yard work to finish up; hopefully this weekend and I can take some pictures and post them up here. Lately, there has been so much to do it has been hard trying to get everything done. Thankfully, I have not been too stressed out. I am on a mission to get the most out of my day: I bust-ass at work, try my hardest to get the house clean and get some exercise in, and spend time with Kyle. Sometimes we end up getting Subway for dinner, sometimes the extent of my exercise is just taking Louie for a walk, but in order to fit everything in, you sometimes have to compromise. I scheduled out a great workout plan for the next week, so that will be my primary focus. I need to up my strength training and do a few intensive cardio sessions a week.

Also, my life has been consumed by books and TV. I have always been a reader, but I have at least 24 books stacked by my bed to get through this summer. Kyle and I have also been sucked into the world of Doctor Who; we are on the tenth doctor. It is so nice to end the day unwinding in front of the TV while I work on blog & wedding stuff. It’s the perfect balance of being lazy and productive at the same time.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend! We’ve got cleaning, yard-work, and hanging out with friends on the schedule. Starting with roller-skating tonight.
eastern 008 eastern 009

Dress-Lost & Found vintage
Necklace-Borrowed from Mariah

Song of the day "Thirteen" By: Big Star

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15 Musings

  1. I love everything about this outfit, the dress is cute and I love your bag and shoes! Love the whole thing!

  2. it sounds like you are getting the life/work balance thing in order! i hope you do post pictures of your yard! i need a little inspiration! enjoy your weekend!

  3. I love these vibrant stripes!

    Good luck on the cardio!

    I've been consumed with Veronica Mars!

  4. Sweet summer outfit. Oh, I want to do Dr.Who! As in watching lots of DVDs..that is..on the show.

    Hope you have a spontaneous weekend!

  5. Such a great summer look! Maxi dresses are so popular here, I've noticed at all the festivals.

    I love the length of this. All the best on your workouts! You are inspiring!

  6. Great stripes. I too have a huge stack of books to get through. Some have been on my shelf for far too long and some just need to be finished already. I am a multi book reader, unfortunately. It draws my attention away too often.

  7. Hi Sara!!! I loved your bag and dress...beautiful forever....

    Kisses rose jp

  8. Your bangs look phenom in this picture; and I LOVE, LOVE your dress - the colors are so adorable together. You look perfect, Sara! :)

  9. 24 books? That's crazy :) I wish I could read so many books during summer...because of my exams I only read like 24-25 books during the WHOLE YEAR! Sigh.
    Anyway darling this dress is amazing! Love those stripes <3

    Life is a romantic poem

  10. that is a great dress!!! love the colours, print and shape of it. just perfect!!

  11. Such amazing stripes. Love your dress!

  12. It makes me happy to see you in your comfy shoes! Looks like you are having a great start to summer!

  13. Ahhh I commented on this, but for some weird reason it didn't come out. Take two!

    Your dress screams summer! Have fun with the yard work and roller-skating. :D

    P.S. Check out Le Mode!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  14. Prettiest dress, those colours are perfect together.


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