Little Bits

7:51 AM

Here are some little-bits and pieces from last week:


This is my Kittie Mary, sitting in a shoe-box looking very sweet while I am frantically packing. Although this is a slightly blurry pic, it is a rare one. My cats are sweet and adorable, but run from the camera.

zsgjapga 008

Kyle and Brian laying some insulation in our attic during a snow-storm last weekend. They still have a lot to go but our house is going to be nice and toasty.

zsgjapga 007

Evidence of the snow. Poor Dan scraping snow off his car.

zsgjapga 006
zsgjapga 005

What is this you may ask? Why it's my lovely backyard!! Of course you can see that we are missing part of the gate in the corner, so poor Louie cannot run around just yet, but as soon as the snow melts a little, we are putting that fence up and letting him loose. Oh and the tree to the right is dead and has to be torn down in the Spring, sadly. But the pretty pine tree is staying!

zsgjapga 002

Oh and here is a little sibling love. The twins Brian and Kyle above, and me and David of the giant-cheeks Astley-Clan below. 

zsgjapga 003

More house photos soon! Moving Day is Saturday so I am planning on taking some pics of all the fun, and I will take better pics of the house once I have everything organized.

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28 Musings

  1. I didn't even know you had cats haha!

    best of luck moving!

  2. DUDE.

    You're practically around the corner from me now (well, soon). Hangout sessions must happen. :)

    PS- Your cat is so pretty.

  3. goodness..such a hard time to move. Once we moved during a blizzard and my brother got side swiped by the wind just carrying a box of the truck. It is no fun.

    So love the cat. How do Louie and the cat get along???

    Love the sibling pics too.

  4. Awww this little cat is so cute! Beautiful eye color!

  5. We're lovin' that you're sharing this with us!

  6. Aww, your cat is so cute. And it's so cool that you've got such a huge back yard at your new house! Good luck with moving day :)

  7. OMG I want to see pictures of your housee!!! I bet its so cute with all the snow. I love your backyard, you must be so excited.
    Good luck with moving day, my fingers are crossed for smooth sailing!

  8. Seriously didn't know you had a cat either! She's so cute.
    Backyards ftw! It looks like a winter wonderland over there!
    Good luck with all you're moving. I can't wait to see more pictures of your house! ♥
    And you're so right. Those cards would be PERFECT for our coffee party!

  9. Aw, she makes me think so much of my friend's Momma cat. Although, we were never sure if she ever had kittens. They found her and well, she would only go by Momma. She wanted to call her Willow..oh well..

    So love the picks with your brothers. How cool. Hope you have a warm weekend.

  10. brrrr...about the snow. We have a lot here too.

    Hope the move is going well.

  11. So love your update. All the best on getting into the house.

  12. I always love your dorky fun pictures :D and your cat looks like mine, black cats are the best!

  13. Oh my gosh so much snow! I have always thought moving is so much fun! Its so exciting. And you cat, so cute! :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  14. wow! tons of snow in your place. keep warm, sara. :)

  15. What a cute kitten, the cats at my house love to sit in boxes too.

  16. Gah! Kittie Mary is cuteness - reminds me of my cat Minky!

    I cannot believe how much of a resemblance there is between you and David - you could be twins! :P

  17. I didnt had this much fun moving house tho =x

  18. Ahhh.... your kitty is so cute.

    Do you guys own your home? Making it perfect is so much fun.

  19. although i think snow is fun, i'm really glad i don't live where it snows. that's probably why i think it's fun.

    lovely pics.

  20. Awww..your cat is so adorable!! I can't have cats at home since my mom is allergic. I always tell her I'm going to have a million cats if I have my own place..haha. My, look at all that snow! It's been really cloudy here in Hawaii for all week and raining at night but I'm enjoying since I really hate it when it's so hot outside! Maybe we can switch places Sara :-) ? xxoxoo

  21. What a cute kitty. She must hate the cold, like mine does. All the best for moving day.

  22. hehe nice photos ;D:D**

    follow me?? follow you?

  23. It's so white and snowy O.o
    And gosh did I squeak when I saw that cute cat!! I just LOVE this furry friendly creatures ^^

    Have a pleasant day,

  24. gosh, i am such a slack blogger! I missed your vlog, so missed that you found a house! I am so excited for you, congratulations! :)

    I can't wait to see the house once you move in and get your Eeyores everywhere :) x

  25. what a cute kitty cat!!!! we have a lot of snow, too. good luck moving!

  26. Gosh this is all so exciting! Yay Sara!!!!!

  27. haha I just saw this post for some reason. The insulation photo = <3


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