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I like to learn things slow
I like learning a lot

I like to get it all again and in the end
You know you get what you got
I like to mean what I say
But it don't always come through
'Cause if i say it all again, again, again
It doesn't make it more true

~Lingering Still, She & Him, Vol.2


At the beginning of this month I bought a ukulele. When you are trying to watch funds and can't seem to find time to get anything done, buying an instrument you have no idea how to play is a great idea, correct? I also have several crafting projects to work on for the house, clothing to make/repair, an epic summer party to plan, comics to read, books to read, shows to catch up on/start, and find one of the several people who have offered to show me how to play Magic the gathering and get them to actually do it. Oh, and I am learning how to juggle now. 

It isn't even halfway through the year, and these past few months have been huge months of change. Several of my friends have switched jobs recently, so it has been an adjustment seeing people at different times. I have met, and became very close with some new friends this year, and it has been hard to imagine that I had lived so long without them there.  It has been a learning process, and sometimes it is exciting, and other times it has been terrifying. I love learning new things, and I like learning them slowly because I want to savor the experience, it is important. Each trial is unique, and I have gradually learned over time to appreciate the things I do wrong.  

For instance; learning to love myself. I have to remember to take care of myself first because it isn't anyone else's job to save me, that is fantasy. Don't get me wrong, having a great support system is one thing, and much needed at times, but taking care of myself is crucial in order for me to be a friend/sister/daughter/wife/etc. Having to relearn this slowly over time is important, because each lesson makes me stronger, smarter. Just like learning that softballs are not a good substitute for hacky sacks when learning to juggle after smacking myself in the face for the third time in a row. Lesson learned.


It may be three months before I am able to serenade my friends with a ukulele song, it might be three years. I might never be able to juggle more than two balls (ha) at once, I might learn how to juggle twelve. I know for certain that I have strong love for many of people in my life, and that I am forever grateful for them. I will make mistakes, but hey, life is a classroom (or whatever the kids say these days). I just know that when I look back on it all, I will know that I had fun, and that I had great love.

Happy Wednesday!

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11 Musings

  1. Omg cute purple hair!! Love it!

    xo - Sheila

  2. Love the colorful hair!! You're right, it's important to love and take care of yourself! Loved these pictures!!


  3. I applaud your desire to learn. It's fun and something you can do for the rest of your life. You'll never run out of pleasant things to play with. Right now, I'm learning how to twirl a baton and, boy, is that a blast!

  4. I love this! I have been feeling a great need to learn something new and find a fun creative outlet lately. I actually got a ukulele for Mother's Day last year and I you have just inspired me to finally find a class and learn to play the darn thing! Thank you! Good luck on your journey. Maybe someday we will start a uke band together!?!

  5. Learning helps you to grow. I like your analogy of life is a classroom Sara. I went through what you're going through several years ago. Now, I take more time for myself. I'm finding things to better myself, both on the outside and inside. It takes time. I love everything you're involved in. DO what is best for YOU!

  6. When I first met Kris I realised he could juggle and I got him to teach me! It's a lot of fun! It's very relaxing to juggle some balls ;)
    Plus, if I can't think of a good fact about myself, I can just go with "I can juggle".

  7. Ah, your hair looks so pretty purple! and i love she&him:-) and want to buy a ukulele as well although i have no money, time or skills, haha! still think that's a good idea.. xx

  8. I don't know if I've said it enough, but I love your new hair. :D

  9. You've got the best purple hair ever!

  10. Oh..such summer fun! Glad to see you out and about!


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