Little Shop Of Horrors

4:26 PM

Candy 5

Holy I-am-so-far-behind-on-posts Batman! These photos were taken about three weeks ago, and when I walked into the gym later that day, the boy at the front desk said that I looked like I walked off of the set of his favorite movie, The Little Shop of Horrors. I have never seen either version, so guess what is being added to my never ending movie list! 

There is nothing else new to report right now, other than Spring making my sinuses go insane. There is nothing more attractive than mucus, I am such a sexy beast right now. Happy Sunday!

Candy 4 Candy 3 Candy2

Purse & Tights-Target
Necklace-Forever 21

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9 Musings

  1. Little Shop of Horrors is one of my favourites too! Your outfit is really cute and I guess it's the retro vibe that made him think of Little Shop. I am pretty sure it's not the psycho motorcyle dentist you remind him of.

    Funky door. I always enjoy a nice funky door. Get better and less mucous-filled soon! It's allergy season so I am a snot queen too. xo

  2. What a cute outfit! I Love the shoes :)


  3. ahh mucus. I've got mucus, I'm totes sexy too.
    I think the mucus makes this outfit extra cute :)

  4. Your outfit is adorable!! I LOVE it!! You look beautiful!

    PS: Spring does the same thing to me :/


  5. I've only seen clips of that popular movie and never in it's entirety. So you're not the only one. I love your dress and the denim jacket goes great with it. You look pretty Sara.

  6. Oh yes. Little Shop of Horrors should be seen, post haste. (Didn't mean to get all bossy, but it's really good.) I'd go with the newer one first. It you ever have a chance to see it on stage, you should go!

  7. Love your outfit! Hope you are having a great June!

  8. Sweet! Such an awesome floral with the jacket! Lovely!

  9. Hahahaha! Yes to being a sexy sniffling beast! :P

    You look adorbs girly; and now I want to see Little Shop of Horrors too!



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