This Must Be Thursday, I Could Never Get The Hang Of Thursday

9:56 PM


Douglas Adams in the house! Okay, just me. In some going-out clothes! Outfit posts have been rare on this blog as of late, but I think most evening wear goes undocumented. Such a shame! Especially when I am pretty positive that I have pulled off looking like a trollop here. Tight dress meant for  a 21 year old? Check. Fake leather? Check. Heels to stumble about in? Double-check! I even busted out the only push-up bra I own (it it is slightly big on me, don't tell my boobs), all for a night out with friends. Where did we go? A new, hip club to look posh in? Nope. We went to Sneakers, our local watering hole, like you do. 


I have had more time to myself the past few days than I have in well over a month, and it has been incredible. It took me awhile to get out of my funk, but, I *think* I am almost there. Talking with friends and loved ones helps immensely, so does having a good wallow. I got to see Kyle for lunch today, something we haven't really done a lot of until recently, and I managed a trip to the gym today. Both good things!

I am very much looking forward to this weekend though, I have a date-night planned with Kyle tomorrow night, and a party to go to with a friend on Saturday night. I have the entire day on Saturday to do whatever the hell I want, and Sunday to scramble around, getting everything I was supposed to do over the weekend done. So, solid plans. 

I have nothing else interesting to say at the moment, other than I  made some mulled cider and it is really tasty. You should go get some. It is yum. 


Dress & Headband-Forever 21

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13 Musings

  1. You look fantastic :), it is good to have time to do what ever you want, catch up on shows just chill out or read a book. what ever you do have a AWESOME date night and great weekend :D

  2. Ow Ow! Hot mama! You look amazing and not the least bit trollop-y. Unless you were going for trollop-y. Then yes, total trollop! Love it. I also love that you are feeling better and getting some good you time and you and Kyle time. That's really important and awesome. xoxo.

  3. I think it's cool you're posting evening looks Sara! We always see your work looks but never evening or weekend. The dress looks great on you! You're rockin it better than the younger kids on the block. HaHaHa You have an amazing weekend planned. Have fun and enjoy!

  4. Trollop for the win!
    Looking gorgeous as always!

  5. Sweet outfit! Love the dark floral dress! Cool boots too!

  6. Woot woot, you look pretty dang hot to me lady! I love that you dolled up and went to your local watering hole - totally something I'd do! I'm glad to hear you're starting to be less in a funk though! And I love me some mulled cider, yum!

  7. You are cute!
    I love your "Dress made for a 21 year old - check" part hahahahaha. You work that "21 year old" as much as you can! Funny! Lunches with Kyle is nice. aw. Enjoy any time you get with him!

  8. I think you look adult in this outfit. Grown-up and sophisticated. That's probably due to the tights... :)

  9. Hot mama! You look gorgeous girly - loving the way you look with a headband! How was your date night with Kyle last night?


  10. you look lovely, that dress looks great on you! :-) and mulled cider sounds good! xx

  11. Giiiirrrrrrllllll you look beautiful!! Glad to hear you're feeling a bit more like yourself. I realized trips to the gym are important to my mental health and always puts me in a good mood (which is funny because I hate going to the gym). I recently bought a fake leather jacket and I'm in love with it (and the price wasn't too shabby either!).



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