Elephant Revival

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I mentioned in my last post that Kyle and I had a date-night planned for Friday night, and we ended up going to The Garden Festival at the Royal Oak Farmers Market. It was a lot of fun! There were food trucks outside, there were vendors there selling all kinds of awesome goods, and there were some really awesome bands. I liked the band Cornmeal a lot, they even did an awesome cover of Dear Prudence, one of my favorite Beatles songs, and I am very picky about Beatles covers. My favorite was Elephant Revival, the headliners. I loved that each one of the band members participated on vocals, and they each had such unique voices that just blended really well. If you like folk/bluegrass music at all, I highly recommend checking them out. 

Crown6 Crown4

I have been trying really hard to not be a lazy asshole and use my gym membership, so I had to rush from work to the gym, then home to shower and get ready before we had to leave again. I am pretty sure most of my wardrobe would be fitting for a folk music festival, but why not just wear normal clothes and add a giant-ass wreath on your head! 

Kyle: I love how you think that it is totally normal to wear that on your head. 

Me: Duh. 

Kyle: ...I love you. 

Crown 5

Currently I am sitting on my butt, sipping some cold brew, but alas, I have to go adult and clean the house and do laundry and shit. In the meantime, check out Elephant Revival! You know, if you feel like it. Or whatever. 

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14 Musings

  1. You look beautiful! I love the flower wreath. And I love Kyle's comment. Ha! I know Jim often thinks the same things about me when I get dressed. Oh well! They still love us. That festival sounds like so much fun. What a great date night!

  2. Isn't that what love is? Holding your hand whilst you wear giant head-gear. Or in my case, green hair and giraffes on my tights.

    Looking gorgeous as always!

  3. Glad you had fun. I like that "thing on your head;" like you, I believe it's normal to play around.

  4. Such a cute outfit, I love the entire thing, the flower crown is darling! And I just love the name Elephant Revival for a band, it's fun! Sounds like a fun evening! And doesn't it suck to have to adult sometimes? I hate laundry and all that but it doesn't ever go away!

  5. Oh..what an awesome band! And only few could carry this look off..and you're the best!

  6. Love their sound! What an awesome outfit! Love your and Kyle's adventures!

  7. This outfit though...dying! You are one of the few people who can actually pull off wearing a flower crown outside of Coachella!


  8. what a fun time sara! festivals are so much fun. food trucks offer such a variety of treats and the music sounded fabulous. i love the name of that band. you looked beautiful. i love your floral crown. the colors are so pretty. also love your dress. great outfit and perfect for the event.

  9. Totally going to check that band out. I love bluegrass! And I love you and Kyle...you're so cute together!

  10. First off - You look adorable!! You rock the wreath like it's nobody's business! Second - I love when you share music to check out. So thank you for sharing!!


  11. So fun and your outfit is so amazing. I love all aspects of it especially the flower crown.

  12. You should always post conversations between you and Kyle. They are cute.

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