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February is usually one of my favorite months, as I am one for winter. However, this past one was COLD. Too many days with temps in the negative = no walks on lunch breaks, no pup-walks, wearing ALL of the layers, and ugly sobbing every time I went outside. It was (almost?) 30 degrees today, and everyone was outside. Brian came over to help me out with a much-needed dog walk, and Louie and Joesph were ecstatic aka they peed on everything.  Including a snowman.

But it wasn't all bad. There are a lot of birthdays in February, so there was a lot of celebrating. We went to Hip in Detroit's third Anniversary party at Small's to see my good friend Zander Michigan play, and we had a great time. I have been hanging out with Jen a lot this month, and it is great to have another girlfriend around. We've been having a blast getting brunch, booze, and coffee this past month, and I anticipate more shenanigans as spring and summer hit.

It has also been the month of comics! I finally caved and started a comic-pull at Comics & More. It was hard picking which shop to go with, but Kyle pushed for Comics & More because he has giant boner for one of the guys who works there, Chris, even though Kyle does not read any comics, whatsoever.

Also, also, mix-tape CDs! My friends and I have been making mixes for each other, and it has been a blast. I love listening to what my friends like, because I always end up hearing something new, or being really excited to discover they like a song that I like. My friend Anne just gave me one and the very first song was Nina Simone. Swoon!

Now I am sipping sleepy time tea (crack, basically) and in dire need of my bed because old lady. Goodnight, everyone :)

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1) Over-caffeinated females in the house!
2) I got a note from The Doctor!
3) Curlers are cool. 
4) Bitch Planet. Read it. 
5) Spider-Gwen! And Doctor Who!
6) New running shoes, Now I just need to sign up for a run. 
7) My Valentine from my parents.
8) Sunday Selfie
9) I really, really, really like Spanish coffee. 

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8 Musings

  1. Sweet instagram. Hope you have a warmer March!

  2. Oh, I'm sure the pups were eager to get out. So many cool pics!

  3. I do not envy all your cold weather!Hopefully March means sunshine and warmth, right?! Here's to hoping.

    I think I'm going to buy some running shoes this month, and some running gear, I'm really looking forward to getting into a good running habit!

    Happy March!

  4. I love your feed. It's always got good times, good food, and beautiful you!

  5. It was too cold here too! It was depressing, and while it's snowing here today, it's finally going to get warmer (so they say anyway). And that Spanish coffee looks amazing. Want.

  6. YES to mix tapes. Like seriously, they will never ever go out of style!


  7. Ugh! Cold weather is the worst!! I hope March is warmer for you! Mix CDs?!?! THEY'RE THE BEST!! My friends and I still make them for one another! Recently my best friend bought a new car and it doesn't have a CD player... say whhhhhhatttt? I wonder if this how my mom felt when cars started coming with CD players instead of cassettes? I feel so old admitting that! haha! I always love your Instagram!


  8. hey sara! that first picture of you and your friend is just too cute. i feel for you guys with the weather. i think you'll start moving when you defrost. hope warm weather comes your way soon. great snapshots! you're having FUN! keep it up!


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