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I feel like this sweater was created for the month of February, the fact that Valentine's Day is over already, be damned! It has been so cold (in the D!) lately that I have been living in jeans and thick sweaters. I actually just cleared out about half of my closet to donate, because I keep wearing the same things over and, over. It actually pushed me into project mode, so I am planning on redecorating the whole closet now. You know, after I get around to finishing the other 8 million projects that I've started. I am a terrible idealist. I have these perfect visions of how I want everything to pan out, but carrying these ideas out takes time. Where's the Doctor when you need him, eh?

In other news: I have been left alone at work for an entire week! It is awesome having the entire office to myself, but that also means that I have to be responsible and actually answer the phone once in awhile. Despite the fact that everyone has been pretty cranky due to the cold weather, I have actually liked work lately. I made a huge dent in my never-ending pile of paperwork, sorted out a giant billing mess, and have been prepping a few little projects for one of the interns. That was just today. Then I came home and cleaned the house for four hours straight. I have made so many lists for this week, and have everything prepped. If anyone needs me, I will be over here kicking ass, and taking names!

Cold2 Cold3

Earrings, Coat & Headband-Forever 21
Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters 
Grimm pin-Gift

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15 Musings

  1. Pretty headband, sweater and coat. I've been going through the same thing. Super busy to the MAX. I have so many projects I'm working on right now. Getting things done, but when you have multiple things to do it really takes your time. Glad everything is under control now. Nothing beats organization!

  2. Love the outfit! You always look cute but there is something about your hair and make up that just seems extra special in these photos.

  3. Such awesome details to your outfit. stay warm. I want to hibernate here. All the best on your projects!

  4. Definitely rocking those hearts! If only I had your energy.

  5. Wow you go girl! My mind has been racing lately with so many ideas and projects that I want to do... I need to just sit down and write a long to-do list haha I love your outfit too, that color looks so pretty on you :)


  6. Good for you and all you're getting done. That's awesome! I know what you mean about getting an idea in your head and wanting it done RIGHT NOW! I am the same way! But sometimes these things take time and I suppose it's good to learn to be patient and let things run their course. Bit it's so hard! In other news, I LOVE this outfit on you. So cute. That sweater is perfection!

  7. Awww... so cute. Early in my career, I had the same experience being alone in the office and I learned I liked it so much that I steered my career toward doing that permanently. It's great for shy people.

  8. Sara you sexy beast you! Gah! You look so incredibly amazing, I can't even! Your makeup. Your hair. That SWEATER! The epitome of prettiness!!

    Also pertinent...hooray for empty offices. :P


  9. I LOVE that sweater. It's so, lovey, lol. And I hear you, sometimes I like being on my own in the office too, but it can also be a lot of pressure too! Hope it isn't too bad for you by the end of the week!

  10. Cutest sweater ever! Oh, and that headband is super adorable! I really just love that entire outfit! I shared an office for a bit and I LOOOOOVED when I got my little office to myself. Hope you're not too busy to the point you don't get to enjoy yourself :)


  11. i love the sweater, so pretty! and that headband is lovely, too:-) sounds like you've been living a very busy and productive life lately, haha! xx

  12. This is such a cute little Valentinesesque outfit! Looking hot even if it is cooooold. Yay for getting stuff done at work - I just got a new day job at The Telstra Store in town, so work is on the up for me too.

    The word intern is so American, it makes me giggle a little.

  13. Duuuude your hair and face just look so magnificent in these photos! Must be all that kicking arse you're doing!

  14. Your jumper is perfect and totally my style. Can't get much better than purple, pink and heart print. Your headband is super adorable.

  15. you look so cute and elegant here! I can't actually say why but you look fabulous here! I love the photos a lot and jumper is very chic (but it's not the matter of jumper only).

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