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My dad used to have this giant box of old comics that my brothers and I would paw through whenever we felt inclined.I was particularly fond of Black Orchid, and soon started a small collection.  I had Wonder Woman comics, Catwoman comics, and of course, Archie comics. Later, when I started watching BTVS, I accumulated both Buffy, and Angel comics, but I never really, really collected them, as they were more of an after-thought as far as reading material went. That, and in high school I was pretty skint (even more so than I am now, shockingly), so if I couldn't pick it up at the library, there was a fat chance that I wasn't going to be able to read it. 

Fast-forward to a few months ago, and I came across Meg's post on Shutter, and I became intrigued. I value Meg's opinion on most geek things, because we have very similar taste in fandoms. I picked up the book, read it in one sitting, and went back to the comic book store to get the most current issue. Since then, I am currently reading three different comics, as well as a huge stack of borrowed ones from my friend Nicole. 

Guys, I am hooked. 

Anyway, I thought I would write a tiny blurb of why I like the ones that I am currently reading, so that's what I am going to do!


Shutter, Image Comics- Kate Kristopher is a famous explorer and photographer on an Earth much more awesome than this one. Ten years after she quit that life, she soon discovers that she has siblings, and lots of them. One in particular is after her maybe-not-dead father, and Kate isn't overly fond about any of this. Shutter is my absolute favorite out of the comics that I am reading. I love the fantasy aspect to the story, I love how the characters are developing in each new issue, and the artwork, the artwork is just beautiful. Oh, and Alarm Clock Cat! I want an Alarm Clock Cat tattoo, add it to the never-ending list of tattoos that I want. 


Bitch Planet, Image Comics- A futuristic world, where non-compliant females are sent to an off-world penitentiary, commonly known as Bitch Planet. I discovered this comic by way of Joe Keating writing about it in the back of one of the issues of Shutter. Since I am very OCD about reading things in order, and making sure that I have access to said things. I am not going to lie, it took a bit of effort trying to track down that first issue. The fine folks at Comics & More, and Detroit Comics were super helpful though, and even though I eventually had to get that first issue via the interwebz, I was able to pick up both the second and third issues from said locations.  Anyways, a feminist comic about strong, kick-ass women vs, the patriarchy. As I said, a necessary comic, and it is EVERYTHING.


Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor, Titan Comics- New adventures with the Twelfth Doctor and Clara! Okay, you guys already know my mad, undying love for Doctor Who, so this one really should not come as a surprise. However, I did not intend on reading it, mostly because I did not know that it existed. When I was at Comics & More last month looking for Bitch Planet, I got into a conversation with one of the employees, Chris, and I admitted that I really did not know shit about comics. He was really helpful, and since I mentioned Doctor Who, he showed me the new series that just started up with the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors, and since I am now a huge fan of 12/Clara, I caved. 

Kyle also gets an honorable mention in this post. Detroit Comics is super close to my house, but Comics & More is closer to his work. Asking Kyle to stop at the comic book store to pick up my comics is the equivalent to asking most dude-bros to head to CVS to get tampons. I am actually considering doing the pull-service for Detroit Comics. There is a $20 fee, but then it is %10 off comics, so it essentially pays for itself. So far I only have these three comics down, so I think I should add a few more to make it worth my while. That being said, I will take suggestions! I am a little nervous about starting something that has been out for ages, but hell if it is really good, I will give it a go! So please, suggestions, I will take them. 

Alright, it is Friday night, and I am burning mix CDs for two of my friends, sipping a beer (or two), and cleaning out my closet. A much needed night in, and I am looking forward to the rest of it. Happy Friday!

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  1. These sound great! I'm not a big comic book reader but have wanted to read some... I think marvel and once upon a time are teaming up to make a comic book so I'll probably read that since it's my favorite show :D

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. I have not read a comic in about 14 years, i guess i am pretty lame don't read much in general. I do occasionally write stuff on the aforementioned Interwebz but that is about it. I would say i should read more comics..but lazy

  3. I've never read comics myself, but I reckon they'd be a nice way to enjoy reading if you didn't have the time for a whole book.

    Maybe if I get bored of audiobooks, it might be the next thing to try for me :)

  4. Fun post! My husband used to be super into comics. I also found out there are Muppet comics and I vowed to get my hands on them at some point - I still haven't, but someday I will!!

  5. Comic books ARE super addictive! I never collected, but would always read the Archie ones. I'm glad they're still popular and UPDATED with the new stuff that people are interested in. Enjoy!

  6. Pretty awesome list. We've not started An ADULT section at the library in Graphic Comics. Of course, some are much more adult than others.

  7. Pretty awesome list. We've not started An ADULT section at the library in Graphic Comics. Of course, some are much more adult than others.

  8. This sound like such a great list to have. Cool that you collect them.


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