CAH Valentine Gathering!

11:06 PM


Step one: Go get boozy brunch with your friends. 
Step two: Drunkenly suggest to your friends that you need to invest in a pack of Cards Against Humanity cards. 
Step three: Sit back in awe as your drunk friend buys a set, and all of the expansion packs, from Amazon, right then and there. 
Step four: Make too many plans for NYE and freak out when you cannot commit to all of them. 
Step five: Suggest a gathering on Valentine's Day, because Valentine's Day is for schmucks anyway.
Step six: Bake too many baked goods. 
Step seven: Buy a shitload of beer. 
Step eight: Invite everyone over!
Step nine: Drink! Snack! Play cards!

And there you have it: the correct steps to having a CAH valentine gathering. I do like Valentine's day, it breaks up the winter blahs, but what better way to celebrate, than have a bunch of your friends over to spend it with? Honestly, I had so much fun. Major props to my dad for bringing over the big table and all of the chairs for us to use. I am so excited to have space to have people over now! Tiny house be damned! No, really, I love my tiny house, but still.   

Oh and if you want to be a giant dick, force all of your friends to take prom-style photos in front of a wall covered in paper hearts. 

Because you can!

VAL14 collage VAL19

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12 Musings

  1. I can't imagine anything nicer than being in your circle of friends. Even when you're a "giant dick."

  2. I totally know what I'm doing for Valentine's Day next year. While I love going out with my hubby, I think a CAH with friends type V-day sounds crazy fun. I love the idea of doing almost like Prom photos too. Oh this could be good. Too fun!

  3. Prom style photos is the best idea ever. Chris and I stay in and eat and drink in bed, but this sounds pretty amazing!

  4. Ahhh maaan can I be your friend?!

    I wish I had friends as cool as yours!

  5. i'd say your valentine's seems to have been so much better than most people's, haha! looks like you had loads of fun:-) xx

  6. prom style photos haha! looks like a lot of fun! I'm with Kerri, can I be your friend in real life! I think I'd have a blast hanging out with you ;)


  7. HAHAHA! You guys had a blast! I'm loving those cupcakes :) You looked great Sara!

  8. So fun! You guys must have had a blast! Love your party atmosphere!

  9. Sweet! But I dunno about cup cakes and beer though. party!

  10. Yes to prom-style photos and kitties! I love this idea for VDay!


  11. Did you get the Australian version in the end? i have to play been ages

  12. This is awesome!! Looks like everyone had a blast!!



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