Little Bits: Bath Time

10:06 PM

Sorry about the lack of posting this year guys, but I have been super busy these past few weeks. Lots of weekends out with friends, cleaning projects, oh, and that work thing. I switched up my diet thanks to help from my friend Anne, and I have been more motivated to go to the gym, so I have been hitting up that place 3-4 times per week. I have already lost five pounds since the photos in my last post were taken, and I am really excited to keep going. 

However, going to the gym, after working eight hours, sitting in traffic, running errands, then having to figure out dinner, clean, and get everything ready for the next day, isn't always exciting. So, I have been using a reward system by way of something beauty-related to keep me going. I like to do make something simple like the coffee face scrub, or the burning mask that I posted last week, but sometimes I will just paint my nails, or take a relaxing bath instead of a shower. ALL of the girly pampering!


Okay, so, that being said, I had a pretty fucking awesome bath tonight, I am not going to lie. I dug out this great eucalyptus and spearmint epsom salt that I bought over the summer, and added some dried hops that my friend Anne gave me. My bath was suuuuupper relaxing, and my skin was soft, and smelled amazing after. 


Oh, and sometimes I pour myself a glass of wine beforehand (then take three hours to drink it, because I forget about it), but since Kyle is home tonight, he suggested beermosas. We use Short's Soft Parade, and orange juice. I just split the one bottle between two wine glasses, then topped them off with orange juice, much yum!

Next, I dried my hair and put in some Velcro rollers. I was dawlding about on the interwebz, and discovered that if you have super fine hair (ahem,) putting it all up in rollers after you dry it helps to give it some lift. If you happen to come around my house at around 9 pm, I can safely say that I am rocking the sexiest look ever. Word. 

LB2 LB6 

I then decided to use a Mustard Face Mask tonight. It is exactly just that: 2 tablespoons of mustard, on your face. Let it sit for 15 minutes, rinse off with warm water, pat dry. I love this face mask because it is ridiculously easy, and it soaks up the oil that tends to collect near my hair line (I KNOW, so much sexy, make it STAHP). 

There you have it, a recipe for a great bath/pampering evening. I am super excited for tomorrow! It is weigh-in day, and I weigh myself at work on our huge drum scale in the warehouse, because it is accurate to a T, AND, two of the comics that I read are releasing new issues, huzzah! I am hoping to do a post soon on the ones that I have been reading, because you should read them too! You know, if you want. So, stay tuned!

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11 Musings

  1. I've been wondering where you've been! Good for you for all the gym-ing and good eating and taking care of yourself. Although, I wonder where you found five pounds to lose? But really, good for you! You rock! xo.

  2. I LOVE baths - they are so relaxing. I love the idea of a beermosa too, I've never tried that and now I want to! I love a shandy, so I'm guessing that a beermosa would be pretty tasty too!

  3. Great job on going to the gym so much! My husband has a gym membership and he is so lazy right now, he hasn't been going. Wah! Hopefully he'll get back in the habit of going back :) I've never heard of using mustard as a face mask... sounds interesting!


  4. Oh..I've tried that beer thing during the summer..funny, how everyone was so..OH NO..I JUST CAN'T..and then they loved it.

    Great to hear you are getting to the gym! Go you!

  5. Really cool ideas. I love mustard! This sounds so interesting.

  6. I've never heard of using mustard for a face mask! It's amazing the foods we can use for face masks.

    Also those beermosas look delicious. I'd actually like one right about now, I think!

    Jamie |

  7. every year is different Sara when it comes to blogging. last year, i posted every other day (3 times a week) and this year it's been nearly every day. hahaha life changes! so don't feel bad. love your bath soak. do anything you want to do to RELAX, PAMPER AND FEEL PRETTY! :)

  8. So beermosas...totally a new thing for me - but they're purdy. Who knew mustard worked so well as a face mask?


  9. I had no idea you could use mustard as a face mask!
    I haven't had a bath in years! We only seem to live in apartments with showers :)

  10. Ohh good job on the fitness regime! I definitely need to up my exercise, but like you say something has to give, not enough time to work, blog 3 times a week and exercise at the moment. But will hopefully make it work! I've never tried rollers but my hair is pretty fine so I probably should! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  11. Hi Sara‼️Diet congratulagions 5 k
    Hugs rose jp


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