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9:18 AM


In hindsight, wearing this hat and thick, black-framed glasses is grounds for ridicule. I have had "Hey Waldo!" shouted several times in the past week. Oy!

Anywho, there is a name I would much rather go by: Sara Bird. I was joking around on Instagram with Megan, and Nora of Two Birds about letting them count me as an adopted sister, and Megan said to just start calling myself "Sara Bird."I did not feel really "me" in this vest, but it totally reminds me of the Birds! I could fit in in Minnesota! Whenever I try to do a Scottish accent, I just sound like I am from Minnesota anyway. I love having brothers, and I love being the oldest child, because despite their better judgment, my siblings tend to listen to me. However, I really wish that I had a sister sometimes. When my mom called me on the way home from the doctor after finding out which sex Liam was, she told me that she was having another boy, and I told her to go back to the doctor, because she was wrong. 

Luckily I have since created a mini-me out of Liam (the poor bastard). He loves all of the same TV shows that I love, he asked for a copy of The Hobbit for Christmas, listens to Weezer, reads comic books, and although he does not have a huge interest in clothes, he does like to steal all of my jackets, because asshole. 

Snow 1 Snow 3

Nothing new to report, other than Michigan got dumped on by snow Sunday night. These were taken Sunday afternoon, before everything went crazy. Liam had stayed the night after the Super Bowl, so I drove him home yesterday morning, only got stuck in the snow once, and was able to get out by myself. I was one of the very few people who showed up to work yesterday, Tony Spark FTW! Seriously, I had random people on the road cheering me on. I basically showed up to work with my tiny car to make everyone look bad, muwhahahaha! I only ended up working 4.5 hours, because there was nothing to do. I went to the gym, then met up with some friends for beers (too many) and burgers.  Adult snow days are fuuuuuuuunn. Now, it is back to work. Poop!

Shirt-Forever 21
Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters
Purse & Necklace-Gift
Hat-Free People
Glasses-Warby Parker

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15 Musings

  1. Yes, come to Minnesota! We'd welcome you with open arms here! And I want to be Megan and Nora's sister too, but some how Beth BIrd doesn't roll off the tongue so nicely. Maybe Bethie Bird? That just sounds like Baby Bird though...oh well, Sara Bird fits nicely! I love this look - a flannel and a vest is such an nice wintery cozy look! And I love that you've made Liam your mini-me, that's pretty cute!

  2. Yes! Come to Minnesota and be our bird sister! We don't have a sister named Sara yet. I think we need one! You look so cute and I DO love your vest. I don't think you look like Waldo at all. Okay, maybe hot chick Waldo!

  3. haha, i wouldn't have thought of wally (or waldo, whichever you want to say), if you hadn't mentioned it! i'm loving the shirt with the vest, and your hat+mittens are lovely too! x

  4. I want to be Ally Bird! Then we'll all be related. :-)

  5. So love the lippy! are such a big sister! & a wonderful one too. Well, we got dumped and more to come tonight. Oh joy! Can't wait for more winter outfits!

  6. I think Sara Bird fits you so well! And we do need more Where's Waldo books, you know.

    Stay warm!

  7. random people on the road were cheering you on? haha that's funny. I actually didn't think you looked like Waldo at all until you mentioned it... now you have me missing those Where's Waldo books... I had one when I was younger and I loved them haha


  8. I love the touches of red and the different patterns. The mittens are so sweet (I want some). The snow makes for such amazing pictures. Glad to hear you have become one of the birds and hope you have fun with your new sisters!

  9. I wish we got snow at work, hail occasionally buts thats about it. We still have to work when it gets stupidly hot :(

  10. Those pops of red are awesome Sara!
    ps. Sister? I can be that :D

    Snow looks like so much fun. I've never lived somewhere it actually covers roads etc.

  11. Ahh the perks of being the eldest sibling... I'm a lonely middle child. Until almost 16 then I became an only child (don't worry, I just moved out, all of my siblings are still alive! - I realised how terrible that comment could have sounded!) - I have since fully embraced being an only child in all it's "IT'S ALL MINE" glory :)

    I like the details on the shirt, I always go for shirts with extra patterns on the cuffs.

    Hope you get to enjoy more snow days!

  12. The Waldo thing though... :P

    I love that Liam has become the spitting image of you in terms of interests {though he also looks so. much. like. you.} - that is just adorbs!

    Did you darken your hair a bit? Lately it looks slightly darker and it's making your eyes POP! Such a babe!


  13. I know what you mean Sara! I'm an only child, so no sisters or brothers. So glad you could connect with a great group of women. I did the same. I'm close to a couple of bloggers and they are like sisters to me. It's nice having that connection. You look cute doll!

  14. You do make a very cute Waldo, but definitely you are a Bird. Sarah Bird, you are, though I cannot imagine how a Scottish accent and a Minnesota accent might be similar. I have been on a whirlwind trip through the US and was in Michigan for a day but I don't recall Minnesota. Sorry Minnesota, maybe I went south.

    You sound like a totally cool big sister. I am a big sis too, just to one brother and I know what you mean about sometimes envying sisters. A good friend of mine is actually one of triplets! xoxo


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