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Currently, I am worshiping at the house of java, it is snowing outside, it is beautiful, and I am trying really hard to keep from sticking my finger in my nose to play with the piercing I just had done yesterday afternoon. I am listening to some Americana playlist on Spotify, and soon Brian, Dan, and Liam will be over to watch the Puppy Bowl, and Super Bowl ads. The guys and I are looking forward to pigging out on chicken wings, and cheese sticks. Kyle is rooting for team Katy Perry, and I can't think of a more perfect end to January. 

This month has been the month of testing my boundaries, embarrassing the shit out of myself, and making some great friends.

Lessons I have learned this month: 

-Despite the enthusiasm of my drinking companions, the $2 drafts, and the charming bartenders at the WAB, I cannot stay out drinking until 11 pm on a Sunday without dying. 

-Puppies can, and will, eat all of your bras and underwear. 

Things that I am loving this month:

-Sia, 1000 Forms of Fear. I have played this album at least 1 million times in the past two weeks, many thanks to my friend Anne for that one. 

-Taylor Swift,  because happy pop music is the best thing to workout to. 

-The time when Dan, Kyle, and I all sang all of the lyrics to One Direction "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" in my car on the way to the bar (it was last weekend). 

-Snow, and winter in general. Everything is grey and not-grey, and quiet, and soft, and so clear. 

-This song. Hey, Asshole. 

-My nose piercing! I've wanted one for ages. 


I had a wonderful month, even the not-so-fun parts. I have a lot to look forward to in February: a Valentine's day gathering, giving my closet a make-over, getting into another love/hate relationship with the gym, and a day spent in Ann Arbor. Plans! Things! Let's go!

1) I went full-on girly for a night out with friends, it was great. 
3) I was hungover as hell last Monday, and spent the day on the couch. 
4) Taylor Swift! Never feel guilty for your pleasures. 
5) Mitten State Mittens!
6) My favorite coffee drink is not a PSL, it is a cold brew with a little lavender simple syrup. 

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13 Musings

  1. Where in the world has coffee with lavender simple syrup?! That sounds amaaazing. I love your piercing too. I had to take mine all out when I had Mae then everything closed up :(

  2. I still haven't bought Taylor swifts latest album but I hear it's great. I do love the singles that are on the radio so I think I'd enjoy it! Hurray for getting your nose pierced! I'm way too scared haha


  3. Loved reading this. I adore the new Taylor Swift album especially Clean and This Love.

  4. Love your new nose ring! It looks great! And I can't help but love me some T. Swift too, she's just too fun. That album is awesome!

  5. worshiping at the house of java! hahahaha Sara, you are too funny! You always crack me up! I super love your nose piercing. Do you know I wanted one when I was younger? I chickened out, when they started talking cartilage. LOL Yours looks great! I love those Michigan mittens. So cool! You're having FUN! That is what life is all about :)

  6. lovely lil' lists:-) how come hadn't i heard hey, asshole before, so good! also, you're piercing is looking good! x

  7. I'm loving Taylor Swift also!


  8. I love the nose piercing Sara! :) Seriously, suits you. I tried getting my septum pierced (because it's hideable) but it made me feel so unlike myself, I took it out within 2 days :p

    Love you lots. How fast did this month go?!

  9. So glad to hear you have had an amazing January with friends. All the best to an amazing February and lots of wonderful undies that stay way from the puppies!

  10. So cool about the piercing! You are so rocking it!

  11. I'm quite partial to some T Swift whilst cleaning my house. Kris is even more partial to a bit of T Swift.

    That's one cute nose you've got there! I'm undecided on nose piercings, but they always look so so cute on others :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  12. YES to One Direction singalongs - I need to find more boys who will join me in these!

    Also...your nose piercing looks amaze! Did you watch the Kitten Bowl too?


  13. I don't know where this year went absolutely crazy, Just think it was nearly a year ago we met you amazing lot. Back then i did not even know what blogging was lol. Still miss you all always, thank god for your blog :)
    Talk to you soon


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