DIY: Burning Face Mask

10:32 PM

Mask 3

I have been doing pretty well with keeping up with my workouts lately, but was inspired by my friend Jen's post on having a little reward system by way of pampering. And by pampering, I mean heading to the kitchen to make stuff, because I have nothing.  I need to get a second job at Lush, four reels.  Anywho, I decided to do what everyone else does and browse Pinterest for DIY beauty ideas, and came across a lot of face masks, and tried out a bunch of them this week. Face masks, scrubs, and hair treatments. I have felt so girly this week, it has been awesome. 

Anyways, my favorite has been the "Burning Face Mask" (it came up a dozen times), because it is super easy, left my face feeling smooth, and it smells like Christmas, dammit. 

All you need is: 

1/2 tablespoon cinnamon
1/2 tablespoon cloves
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoons lemon juice

Mix it all up in a small bowl, then just rub all over your face, until it is evenly covered. It will feel tingly for about 4-5 min, hence the "burning" name, but then it is fine. It is SUPER sticky, so make sure that your hair is pinned back from your face. Let it sit on your face for 30 minutes, then wash off. 

Mask Mask 2 Mask 4

In the meantime, take a bunch of selfies with gunk all over your face, because whythefucknot. 

I washed the mask off with warm water and then patted my face dry with a towel, and viola! Clean, awesome-smelling, vibrant skin. Woot woot!

*PS- I use rollers now, rollers are cool. 

Mask 5

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13 Musings

  1. I tried cinnamon on my face once and it truly red face, need to get this off asap! Maybe I'll try again knowing it's supposed to burn! You are so gorgeous, BTW.

  2. Good for you, Sara! As I showed in a post a few months ago, I now regularly apply mud-facials which do good things for our skin. Glad you're experimenting. And hair-rollers are fun. (I have a full set.)

  3. I want to try this! As long as it's a good burn anyway! It sounds like it smells delightful too. I'm with you though, I wish I could get a second job at LUSH. I love their stuff!

  4. haha "take a bunch of selfies with gunk all over your face because whythefucknot" lol you make you laugh! sounds like an easy enough face, I will have to give it a try! hope you have had a nice week :)


  5. I'll have to give this one a try soon! Your posts always make me laugh! Thanks for sharing this!

    ps: you rock curlers!


  6. Awesome! I must try this. Love the post!

  7. This looks so fun. I bet it taste good too!

  8. You had me at 'it smells like Christmas'. Totally sold! are adorbs in rollers!


  9. Too cool. Too fucking cool.

    I defo want to try some DIY beauty stuff out this year!

  10. Sara, your complexion looks absolutely gorgeous doll! SO BEAUTIFUL! It did a great job! So easy to put together also! Nothing like a day of pampering. That's what I do!

  11. haha, you looks dashing! :-) i'm the worst at making time for face masks and such, but this sounds like a nice and simple one! xx

  12. Only you could look totally adorable in rollers and a face mask! I wonder if it is nice spread on toast? Your skin sure does look luminous. xoxo


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