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I promised the readers of Sideburns & Bangs that I would feature more local art, and I am fulfilling that promise today! I am so very excited about today's feature, as he is a very talented, and dear friend of mine. The one and only,  Zander Michigan!

Zander Michigan is a folk/blues singer/songwriter from Detroit, MI. He plays the guitar, the harmonica, and sometimes even plays the fool. His Bob Dylan style vocals, heavy strum, and cheeky lyrics make him a classic sounding musician in an age of futuristic banter. His second album has just been released. Titled Zander The Great, this album is going to have all the power of the Greek Gods behind it. Zander has gone full production with this record, using not only his harmonica and acoustic guitar, but drums, piano, and electric guitar, along with his characteristic howling vocals. With track names like “The Great” and “Bathtub Gin” the album sets the tone for an in-your-face, no cares given experience that everyone can get excited about. He decided to go full band to add some depth to his music. He felt that the stripped versions of songs didn't have the same bite that he wanted.


From humble beginnings Zander Michigan has come quite far. In just four months of starting out, Zander had written enough songs to compile an album, so in the summer of 2013 he went to the studio. In September of 2013 he released his first 14-song album, "Never Going Back Home”. He since has been featured on Local 4 News, on Ann Delisi’s Essential Music, TV Warren, WAYN Radio, and in Metrotimes. Also upon releasing his album, Zander played shows whenever the opportunity arose. He has played at Arts, Beats, and Eats, the Detroit River Days, The Magic Stick, Ann Arbor Summer Festival, Metro Times Blowout Festival, Ann Arbor Art Fair, Birmingham Street Fair, Dino’s Lounge, Goldfish Tea, The Pike Room, The Plymouth Coffee Bean, The Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market, Crazy Wisdom and many more. He hopes that by putting out his sophomore record, people will start to see the seriousness he puts into his work and the labor that goes along with it. He hopes to tour the US and get out the message of Zander Michigan with his new record Zander The Great.

He says, “I’m making my way both eastward and westward in my pursuit of becoming a household name.” The young Midwesterner sounds like Bob Dylan, but when people spout the word “Dylanesque”, he doesn't mind. He thinks it’s endearing that people would compare him to such a great. Metrotimes even said, “Bob wouldn't be too upset”. Who knew sounding dangerously like Bob Dylan could be such a perk?


Now that you've gotten some background on this talented individual, you can hear him live at his upcoming CD release party for his new album  Zander the Great. 

Where: Corktown Tavern, Detroit (1716 Michigan Ave). 
When: Sunday, March 29th, 6-9 pm .

Tickets are $5, and you can pick up a copy of his new album for $10 at the show. 

The show is extra special, because Zander will be playing TWO sets, an acoustic, as well as an electronic, with special guest Briar Rabbit in-between. 

Want a listen before the show? Check out the MP3 here! 

In the meantime, you can find Zander Michigan on Facebook and on Instagram @ZanderMichiganOfficial on Twitter @ZanderMichigan on YouTube and of course at


See you all at Corktown Tavern on the 29th! 

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10 Musings

  1. He seems like a really cool guy! I love his style vibe! I wish I could come to that event, I bet it would be a ton of fun!!

  2. Oh..I so love his name! Love your spotlight on this artist! Thanks so much!

  3. So great that you posted about him. Definitely a name I want to remember. Loved your info on him!

  4. I really love that you're doing this for local arts. I think it's wonderful you featured him and I'll keep my eyes out for him as well (on the west coast). Great post, Sara!!


  5. I've been listening to Zander since back in the day, and his progress is amazing and inspiring! Definitely give him a listen and make any shows in the Detroit area you can!

  6. Yes! I love hearing about new music and he sounds great. I love this style of music. I wish I could go to the show. How amazing would that be? I think Sara and the birds would have a lot of fun together!

  7. I have his music playing loudly in the office, my boss said i have never heard this Dylan song, really liked it. I like it, Thanks Sara :)

  8. You had me at Bob Dylan. Also pertinent: that style!


  9. he seems great! i love music with harmonica(s), wish i could play one, haha:-) and i also love bob dylan. after checking him out on youtube a bit, i'm quite liking his music, great recommendation. xx

  10. I love his personal style and he is so accomplished. Talent always speaks for itself. I definitely wish him the best. What a cutie!


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