Little Bits: Mighty Fine

11:47 AM

One more weekend gone, but one more week until our staycation! Sorry, but not really. This past weekend turned out to be a lot more relaxing than I thought it would, cancelled plans do that, but I am more than fine with a lazy weekend. 

Friday night we went to our friend Brian's birthday party, met some awesome people, and had some great food. We then stopped by Ferndale to catch up with some other friends, and to have a few more drinks. We ended up at home pretty late, but it was a good start to the weekend after such a busy week. 

Saturday, Kyle, Dan, and I headed out for breakfast at Coolidge Cafe in Oak Park. After a quick coffee run, Dan went home, and Kyle and I decided a nap was in order, before we sat on our butts and watched TV for the rest of the night (productive much?). We are watching so many shows right now, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, Red Band Society, and New Girl.  I think we have a problem. 


Sunday we went our for brunch again, this time with Kyle's family. After, Kyle, Brian and I headed over to the Rustbelt Market in Ferndale for a bit. I already picked out a few things that I want to come back for on small business Saturday, Christmas gifts, yo! We also hit up both Value Worlds in our area (the only thrift store open on Sunday), and we ended up with some really awesome stuff. Kyle and I both got some thick sweaters for $2-$4 a piece, you can't beat that! I also bought two vintage dresses for cheap, and some awesome decor for the house. I told Kyle that our house had a "touch of 70's" to it, and he looked at me and said "It looks like the 1970's barfed all over our house." Whatever Kyle! It is going to be a little while before the living room is done, but I seriously cannot wait! It will definitely have some 1970's touches, including the giant wooden clock that Kyle picked up (yep, he is responsible as well). 

I have a really busy week, at home and at work, but I think I should be able to squeeze in a few posts. EXCITE. Though, it is supposed to be cold as balls tomorrow, so I might just hibernate instead. 

1) Louie, sitting pretty. 
2) Stumptown coffee bottles at Red Hook in Ferndale.
3) Snowy leaves.
4) My loves, Louie & Joseph. 

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10 Musings

  1. There's only one thrift store open on Sundays by you?? Wow! Your weekend sounds pretty awesome to me! I always love seeing Louie pictures too. Such a nice doggie!!

  2. I am with Beth...Sundays are when I do most of my thrifting! Of course we can't buy alcohol here on Sundays, though!!

  3. I don't think you can watch too much TV. Currently we are watching Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, Constantine and a little bit of British news comedy with 8 out of 10 cats. We also still have to start Scandal, The Killing and probably something else haha.

  4. Kim and i spent 9hrs on Sunday catching on on T.V shows lol. was awesome

  5. those are some cool tv shows and what a great deal on those sweaters.

  6.'s the weather? Hope your boys are behaving themselves. Love the photos!

  7. Awesome weekend photos! Hope you have some good times with the pups, too. But these walks are might bone chilling here.

  8. Louie and Joseph are too cute. Also...brunch!


  9. Cancelled plans are my favorite kind of plans haha! Now that it's cold out I'm 100% turning into a home body. I wish I can just ditch everyone and watch 15 shows like you guys did ;) And woot, awesome thrift finds! Can't beat finding sweaters and dresses for $2. Now I kinda wanna go sift through my favorite place- I'm itching for some more sweaters.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. Cute photos! I love how they used stumptown bottles for vases! I love keeping bottles like that, now I can find some use for them. :)

    xo - Sheila


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