Little Bits: Mid-October Bliss

11:05 AM

Another weekend that has flown by! I can't believe how fast we are plowing through October already! I am still trying to take as much advantage of my favorite month as I can, the whole rest of this month is packed! 

I knocked a few things off my October list though this weekend, and was an absolute blast. Friday night I finally got the chance to meet up with an awesome person who I have been online friends with for quite sometime now! When I worked as a cashier at Best Buy back in 2007, I became friends with a girl named Stacie, who was really cool. This was back in the Myspace days, and we of course added each other. Back then, I would totally accept friend requests from/send requests to people who I didn't know, as long as they seemed not-creepy. That is how I became friends with Ashley! Myspace turned into Facebook, and then Instagram came along,  and after following each other we soon realized that we had quite a few things in common. This Friday, we met up at my house, got some coffee from Biggby, and drove out to Exit 13, a haunted house near Flint, MI. 

I LOVE haunted houses, but they can get pricey sometimes, so a lot of our friends are never interested in going. Ashley loves Halloween and October as much, if not more than I do, so It was awesome having someone to go with. Even Kyle had fun! To be honest, he probably wouldn't have gone with just me, but he really did end up having a good time. The place we went to was an hour away from where we live, but it was great because we all got the chance to chat on the way. The haunt was cool as hell! Not *super* scary, but I did jump a few times, but it was really, really fun! The actors were hilarious (they reallllly loved Kyle), and I would totally recommend it to any Michiganders out there that like haunted houses. 


Kyle and I stayed up Friday night to catch up on Sleepy Hollow, then finally went to bed. I am not sure if my body was trying to recover from the lack of sleep during the week or what, but I slept in until almost noon! Barf. Normally when I sleep in, it is just until about 9 am, but whatever, I must have needed it. I did somehow manage to get both of my dogs to stay in bed, cuddling with me the whole time, so that was a plus (they never do that for Kyle, muwhahahaha!). 

I finally got up, cleaned up a bit, farted around on the internet, and then headed to the gym. When Kyle got out of work, we decided to go to Mongolian Barbecue for dinner, because I LOVE that place, and because Kyle had a free birthday coupon. We decided to go to the one in Rochester, because Kyle had to drop off some books at Oakland University (about 40 minutes away). It worked out well, because then I finally had the chance to get Kyle to listen to the new Weezer album all the way through! 

His reaction:

*As the intro to 'Ain't Got Nobody' came on* Kyle: "Is this Weezer-tallica?"

*'Back To The Shack' comes on* Kyle: "I've already heard this one...but we are going to listen to it anyway, aren't we?"

*'I've Had It Up To Here' comes on*  Kyle: "Rivers sounds like Freddy Mercury."
 Me: "Your brother said that earlier." 
Kyle: "That is because Rivers sounds like Freddy Mercury." 

*Halfway through 'The British Are Coming'* Kyle"Punk Ass Redcoats. That is not historically correct, but now I really want to use part of this song in one of my papers this semester."

*After listening to 'Da Vinci''* Kyle: "Yeah, this will probably be the next single."

*During 'Go Away'* Kyle: "Is this the chic from Best Coast?" 
Me: "Yes."
Kyle: "I like her."
Me: "They kinda sound like Muppets, but in a good way."
Kyle: "What."

*After 'Cleopatra'* Kyle: "I can see why you really like that one."

*After 'Return to Ithaca' Kyle: "Wait. It's done already?" 
Me: "Yes." 
Kyle: "I like it."


Saturday night we watched Doctor Who (probably one of my favorite episodes this series so far. Also, Clara's dress, swoon!)  and then caught up on Gotham, which I am liking more than I thought I would. 

Sunday, after getting some pumpkin spice lattes, I headed to Maumee, Ohio with Jen to meet up with Lauren! I hadn't seen Lauren since she visited last November, almost a year ago now. We went to an antique mall, drove around downtown Maumee, which was super cute, and then finally got some lunch. It was really awesome to have a girly day, as I never get to really have those anymore since all of my friends and I tend to have different schedules, or live far away from each other.

I got to see Jen's new house when I dropped her off, and it was super cute! Totally made me want to work on our house some more. After, Kyle and I grabbed a light dinner, and then I basically washed up, and went to bed early as I was exhausted. 

I have a lot going on this week, but I am hoping to get to all of my posts that I have prepping for you guys. I have a few outfit photos, a foodie post, another guest post in the works, and some other fun stuff. So stay tuned!


1) Group Selfie!
2) Fuck Yeah Gourds!
3) One of the coolest coffee mugs I own, c/o my friend Dan 
4) It's Beanie Season, yo. 

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10 Musings

  1. Sounds like another full and fun weekend! I love Kyle's reactions to the new Weezer album, especially the Muppet comment, lol!

  2. You had one awesome weekend!

  3. I'm not a fan of haunted houses because I get scared way too easily, and then it sticks with me! I'm a baby. What a fun weekend! I love (LOVE) that last pic of you! So purty!

  4. You are endlessly entertaining. AND you put on eyeliner like a pro.

  5. Sara, that's so cool that you guys stayed connected. Sometimes friendships happen that way. LOL, I've always wanted to go to a haunted house too but no one would ever want to go. Glad you guys had a great time. Awesome weekend girl!

  6. Awesome re-accounts of a great October weekend!

  7. You and Kyle need to do more reviews together. Great post!

  8. Definitely sweet times! Love the beanie!

  9. I've never been to a haunted house, not even one of the ones that they have at the fair.

    Yay beanie time! I put mine on the other day for the first time and it was so cozy!

  10. I want that mug! Also...Kyle's commentary on the Weezer album is perf!



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