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I think that these are my favorite outfit photos so far this year, and it is mostly because Kyle did a great job capturing autumn in Michigan in these photos. This outfit felt more "Spring" at first, but I think the mustard cardigan (that I have been wearing non-stop), and the scarf help make it look more "fall". So maybe green is a fall color! Am I setting a trend yet? Eh? *wink wink* *nudge nudge* 

These photos were taken in my little suburb of Oak Park! Oak Park is always listed as one of the most boring cities in Michigan, probably because it is a dry city, there are no bars, but LOADS of liquor stores, and there is no downtown area. There are plenty of places to eat though, and of course lots of cute, little parks! This one is David Shepard Park, but I refer to it as "The Choo-Choo Train Park", and have ever since I was a little kid. My dad used to take us sledding here when were were young, because there is a giant hill. There is a little nature walk too, and two tennis courts, as well as being close to the library. Also, there is a giant wooden train! It is so cheesy, but it really is the coolest thing, we loved it when we were kids. Kyle and I took photos a few years ago on it. 

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Look at all of the beautiful leaves! Seriously, I always want to press them, or make something cool with them, but I never do. Any suggestions? I guess that is what Pinterest is for, but still.  Kyle and I always want to take a trip in the fall to look at the foliage, but it is kind of hard to time it correctly. We of course love any chance to visit the UP, but they would have had their peak colors about 2-3 weeks go. However, Mackinaw is probably looking pretty nice right about now. I also found out that Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls, is based off a real town! Washington Depot, CN. I told Kyle this, and now he thinks a road trip to Connecticut next year is in store. I agree a million percent.  

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As far as the rest of this month goes, I am hoping to fit in a hayride, a trip to the cider mill, doughnuts, my cousin Heather's wedding, a corn maze, a bonfire (that one seems to keep not working out, balls!), watch Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Hocus Pocus, and of course The Great Pumpkin, and last but not least: Halloween! We are probably just going to pass out candy, eat pizza, then head out to our favorite dive bar with our friends, but I am totally dressing up as something, and hopefully it turns out as awesome as I hope it does (it won't, but lets be optimistic here. Or whatever). 


Scarf, Tights, Belt, & Cardigan-Target
Glasses-Warby Parker

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13 Musings

  1. Love, love, LOVE this! I think it's a great fall outfit, green can totally be a fall color! And I need to go to Target and get that cardigan, no joke. Love.

  2. I don't know how to preserve them, but another blogger collected different types of Fall leaves and put them in a 3D case. It was so pretty! Maybe I should google it. HaHaHa Sara, these photos are gorgeous! You know I'm a Fall leaf lover and your husband captured it so beautifully! I LOVE your outfit! Mustard yellow & that sage green is so beautiful together. Looks gorgeous on you and against that backdrop! Love it!

  3. These photos are all stunning! You look gorgeous, as does the backdrop! I really like this outfit. It is totally fall! All of your plans sound so fun. I love this time of year!

  4. Fall leaves are so pretty. And so is your cute outfit. I've been meaning to tell you but keep forgetting -- your hometown (Oak Park) is hugely famous for dozens of really cool people who lived there. Lots and lots of great history. As Yogi Berra said, you could look it up!

  5. Love fall leaves too! These photos are beautiful!
    And love your look! The color combo is great!

  6. i know you love Pumpkin spice, lol love the pics :D, we will have to visit in 2016

  7. What a beautiful park. Look at those leafs colors, so pretty! You look pretty, Sara, I love your outfit that really match with the weather :) xx

  8. Can I just say that you have the BEST fall style?! Seriously! I have been smitten with all of your outfit posts lately - lovelove!!


  9. First off - CUTEST OUTFIT EVER!! I LOVE it! You always put together the cutest outfits. Can you come and put outfits together for me weekly? :)


  10. These pictures are gorgeous, just like the lovely lady in them. I was walking to get a package from the mail today and there were yellow and red leaves everywhere. It made me so happy.

  11. I think this may be my favorite of your outfits, following closely on your favorite of mine, meaning we're clearly doing some sort of weird fusion dance across half the United States.

    Somehow all the deeper colors in your scarf work beautifully with the low saturation tones in your layers. All the lengths are complimentary, and it all works great on your figure. Master level!

    (I'll admire from afar because if I get even near the colors you are rocking I will look jaundiced. Hah!)

  12. I think you can have green, but only because of the scarf. Otherwise it wouldn't count.
    I love that red leaf! We saw so many red leaves in Stockholm last week, I've never really seen red ones before.


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