Little Bits: Autumn Snuggles

10:42 AM

I know I am going to sound like a generic white girl, but, I LOVE FALL. Seriously, this weekend, the weather was perfection! I want to try my hardest to take advantage of it while I can, because you just can't take autumn in Michigan for granted. 

This weekend was a little less crazy than the past ones, but it was still a pretty good weekend. Friday after work I met up with my sister, and brother-in-law Michelle, and Chris for some coffee and shopping in Corktown. I of course got a little lost, but thankfully everyone who knows me, knows that I am pretty much late for everything. After we got our coffees, they took me to a really awesome store called El Dorado, and I wanted EVERYTHING. I manged to leave with only two scarves, but I could have honestly stayed in there all day trying everything on, and picking out cute things for my house. I cannot wait to go back with Kyle, and some of my friends. I might have to do a blog post on that shop, but in the meantime, check out the website.  

Friday night, Kyle and I debated about going out just us for a beer, but instead decided to get sandwiches, snacks, and Octoberfest and watch Supernatural. We are totally addicted to that show, and we are barely half-way through the first season. 

Saturday, I tried to sleep in, but instead ended up cleaning the house and running errands. The Meijer by my house had all sorts of cute, fall stuff out. Gourds, pumpkins, mums, and Halloween decorations. I then paid a visit to Kyle's work to see him for lunch, before heading to ACE hardware. I bought some of the paint for our living room, and brought some cards home to figure out the second color. I am soooo excited to paint, you guys have no idea! I decorated the house with fall stuff (aka: hung up a wreath) and prepped some blog posts for the week. 

Saturday night, we headed out to the Ferndale DIY fest. The DIY fest is probably my favorite festival in Ferndale. There is also an art fair that goes on, but once you cross Woodward, it is beer, food tents, bands, and all sorts of crafty things. I can have a beer while shopping for cute, hand-made things? Count me in. I bought a Chai-scented candle, and a Creature from the Black Lagoon patch, both were necessities, obviously. We then met up with some friends and headed to our favorite dive bar for karaoke and cheap beer.  I managed to drop my phone in the toilet, and fall and rip a hole in my favorite jeans. I have concluded that I am never going to leave the house again. 

Sunday I was supposed to go to my cousin's wedding shower, but ended up sleeping in super late. I woke up, took a shower, then went back to bed. I wasn't even hungover (for some reason beyond me, most of my immediate family doesn't get them), but cuddles with the pups just sounded amazing. We finally got out of bed, and after much hemming and hawing decided to get Chinese and watch TV. Seriously, yummy take-out, giant Weezer snuggie + Doctor Who = my ideal day. 

I am falling so much in love with the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and it is driving Kyle insane. He keeps going: "You can't fall in love with EVERY Doctor, dammit!" but how could you not with those eyebrows? And he called a dinosaur a "big, sexy woman!" that is quality fangirl material, right there! 

Anyway, I am looking forward to the posts this week! I took the time to get some photos of my new blogging studio, and I am in full-project mode, so I am hoping to have more house stuff to post this month. EXCITE. 

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1) Joesph, snuggling in the blankets. 
2) Gourds for miles at the grocery store. 
3) Fall Shit. 

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12 Musings

  1. Oh no, you dropped your phone in the toilet? That stinks! I did that with an iPod once. Ugh.

    Sounds like a fun weekend though even with that!

    And I love Fall too! Who cares if that makes us nerdy white girls, proclaim it proudly!!

  2. I hope your phone is OK. Wow! Sounds like some ups and downs of a FALL weekend. Glad you got some much rest too.

  3. fall stuff you guys have going..even those cuddles!

  4. Awesome weekend Autumn tales! Great to hear your feelings on the New Doctor too...

  5. Oh Oh phone in the toilet!

    Painting walls is exciting and choosing the colour both exciting and hard! Can't wait to see it!

    I love Autumn too though by November it gets wet so I guess I just love September and October.

  6. What a fun weekend, minus the phone in toilet incident! I love your wreath. I wish I didn't get hangovers. The older I get, the easier they come. I have, like, two beers now and get a hangover. Dumb.

  7. Your weekend sounded like fun! A phone dropping in the toilet is a sure sign of that :) Your pictures are just lovely and that little wreath is just adorable! Looking forward to your posts!


  8. I hate painting..I have done it so much. Kim loves it, what is wrong with you both ;).
    Love the pics. I should really sort out a room but too lazy.

  9. Whew Sara! You had another fun-filled weekend girl. I love fests and especially Oktoberfest. Great food and beer! I love your decorations! Your wreath is too cute! I love Fall decorations. I can't wait to see your new blogging space.

  10. Aw man sorry about your phone =[. this weekend was pretty cold. i loved it haha.

  11. I LOVE that Ferndale has so many festivals - it's adorable! I want to visit just to attend all of them!! :P

    Also pertinent...JOSEPH! He definitely knows how to get comfy!!


  12. I'm allowed out, I just shouldn't be allowed out alone as I always come home with way more things we don't need that stuff we do. Although, I don't rip holes in my jeans so that's good.

    I think I need to watch Supernatural again. We've seen the whole series up until now, but I feel like watching it from the beginning. I'm taking credit on introducing it to Kris and it's one of his favourite shows.


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