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Oh the joys of having very fine hair. When I straighten it, it curls. When I curl it, it comes undone. Alas, I give up. I do however, really like this outfit! Nice, light layers for unpredictable Michigan weather. I actually bought this dress last summer, but never styled it up for the blog. It is kind of on the short side, so I really only like wearing it with tights, and now we are finally in tights weather, woot woot! This is pretty much my ideal outfit: dress + cardigan + "leather" jacket + flats, yes. 

I have also become a lipstick-wearing person as of late, go figure it takes until I am almost 29 years old to figure out lipstick, but still. I think the trick is to put it on a little while before leaving the house, so that you get used to wearing it, and are not thinking about it as much once you are out-and-about. That, and constantly asking your husband/friends if it is still on, or if you have managed to get it on your teeth. Do this about every 3 minutes. It won't get annoying, I promise. 


I mentioned last week that Wednesday is movie night at our house, well I have a "thing" planned for most weeknights. Mondays, I prep blog posts for the week (I look them over on my morning 15 minute break at work, and then post them. And then go back 5 days later to correct typos). Tuesdays are exciting, because I read on Tuesdays. I usually have to babysit on either Tuesday, or Thursday, or both, so I tend to catch Liam up on Doctor Who, feed us dinner, do some chores, wash up, then after my dad picks him up, I read. It sounds super lame to designate one night per week specifically to reading, but I will end up doing something else if I don't force myself to sit down and do it. 

Right now, I am working my way through the Harry Potter series again, but I have also borrowed books from friends, so making time to read is necessary. I don't want to be a dick and borrow things without ever giving them back, because it's rude, and I am rude enough on my own (I am kind of a dick, just ask Kyle). 


Dress, tights, & cardigan-Target
Vintage necklace-Gift
Glasses-Warby Parker
Earrings-c/o Anjolee
Purse-Urban Outfitters 

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14 Musings

  1. I think I need to designate a day for just reading too - I like that idea, I think I'd actually get more reading done that way!

    I also love this dress! The colors are nice for Fall.

    And also. I am now watching Doctor Who. Just thought you might want to know :)

  2. Adoring the outfit..and the shoes too!

    Always a great idea to make time to read. You are being a wonderful role model for your little bro..too. Its great to read as a family. After all, you want him to find he joy in reading as much as you do.

  3. Love the fall outfit! Sweet, going back and rereading the series! You might get inspired to write some fan fic!

    Lov'n the dress!

  4. Sweet fall colors! It has a bit of a Bohemian flare to it too.

    Always inspiring to know someone is READING.

  5. I want a reading day!!! Of course I'd probably forget and then feel guilty and then stay up until 2:00 am reading!! Love this outfit...that dress is so fun, and I love your "uniform"...you can never go wrong!

  6. How have you been enjoying new Doctor Who? I haven't. . .but then again I barely pay attention now. I haven't seen the latest episode even. ha.

    You are so cute in this pretty outfit and I like your hair even if it doesn't cooperate with you well.


  7. Aww I know what you mean. I have fine hair and it sucks!! Your outfit is really cute though! :)

    xo - Sheila

  8. You look really cute in this outfit, but with a dash of sophistication from the red lipstick, which really suits you. Your hair looks great too but I know about hair frustration. Mine is really fine in texture but there is lots of it and some parts are wavy and some straight. I am waaaaay to lazy to attempt to curl it and too unskilled to straighten it. My idea of using the blowdryer is to ummmm well dry my hair with it. Not style it!

    I read nearly every night in bed. I used to read all the time any time, but now I tend to read online things in the day and books in bed at night. Of course I am single so my bed is basically used for sleeping and reading. TMI?

  9. you look very fall right now! i love your dress. Tiff was/or still is reading harry potter series.

  10. Personally, I love the idea of designating time just for reading. How else will you ever have time to read otherwise?



  11. This dress is gorgeous, I love the print and the way you have layered it.
    Lipstick looks great on you!

    www.kindoflovely.com || AUS Fashion/Lifestyle

  12. Tights weather is my favourite time, I will wear tights almost all year long if I can get away with it, being the UK and now Belgium, I almost can except for maybe one or two weeks of the year :)

    Took me until 24 to figure lipstick out, and so far I only like red. I don't think I could pull of a pink, but I'm tempted to try a purple tone sometime. Maybe for the colder months, that sounds very 'in' - purple tones and autumn ;)

    I love your hair! Mines quite thick but light, it will only hold its curls when it's short. I'd love long wavy hair but it's more like long, slightly bent hair...

  13. Tights are my answer for all dresses and skirts. LOL I stay in them for Fall. Great lipstick girl! YOUR PLAN WORKS! I try and do the same, but yours is better. HAHAHA


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