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Sorry for the awkward-face in these photos, but we took these very quickly, as we were running late for my cousin's wedding the other weekend when these were taken. I accidentally splurged on this dress for the occasion! I honestly thought that this dress was on sale, and had put it in my shopping cart until I decided if I really wanted it or not. It turns out that I did, because of reasons, and so I bought it. I didn't even notice the price until after checking out. Whoops. 

Of course, when I told Kyle he just rolled his eyes. Not at the cost, but the fact that I bought another black dress. I can't help it, I like black dresses! Almost as much as I like talking about poop with my friends (hint: that is a daily occurrence). Kyle did like the cat flats though, even insisted that I change out of my heels in favor of them. Those were actually on sale, huzzah!


In other news: Kyle and I need to start eating better. I just looked in the kitchen, and it is stocked with cookies, ramen, coffee, and the fridge is full of PBR and nothing else. I just took some soup out to thaw that I had made a few months back, and I cannot wait to eat that. Seriously, if it were not for the fact that I walk on my lunch breaks, and that I am always running around, cleaning up after 4 pets and a Kyle, I wouldn't be able to fit through the door to the house. I like food. More than I like talking about poop. 

Cat facts: Cat flats are cool.


Bonus pics: These goofs were staring like creeps patiently waiting in the car while Kyle was taking my outfit photos, and now they have made their way onto the internet once again. 

IMG_8160 IMG_8162

Earrings-c/o Anjolee
Glasses-Warby Parker 

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17 Musings

  1. It's a great dress even if it was an accidental purchase! I'd say that is the best kind of accident! I love the puppies staring at you from the car.

  2. Sometimes accidental purchases are the best. I AM OBSESSED WITH THOSE SHOES!! A few months ago a lady came in with mouse shoes. YES... mouse shoes! I thought they were the best things ever!! You look very pretty!


  3. Lovely dress
    but the shoes looks awesome ♥


  4. Adoring your boys!

    Oh..such a lovely dress. I'm sure you'll find many occasions for it! For the investments..and it has such color that pops!

  5. Oh..Zooey would be proud of you.

    Lov'n those cat shoes!

  6. Cat shoes rule! Cute doggies rule. Awkward face rules!

  7. The dress is pretty but the shoes steal the show. They're so cute they'd make me fall in love with you -- but it's too late for that.

  8. If by 'awkward face' you meant 'totally adorable face', then yes, you should be sorry. Because you are so cute! I love the dress and the cute floats and talking about poop!

  9. Your hair looks so pretty on you! I think the facial expression is just natural.

  10. This is an awesome dress for a wedding and I think it looks wonderful on you. I'm loving the cat flats paired with it too!

  11. I had those shoes ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are the same soul, seriously.
    I don't think you even look rushed or awkward in these... I love the black dress! You can never have too many, right?

    You rock this look. You rock every look. I love you.

  12. Ooh, that dress is purdy! I love it on you - and I firmly believe that you can never have too many black dresses. Also...shoes. I need a pair of cat flats in my life - too cute.

    Louie! Joseph! I want to cuddle both of them right now!!


  13. Well, it's a very pretty dress Sara. I find black dresses get worn more. So you'll get other uses out of it. Love your kitten flats. Nice!

  14. Ah so cute doggies! I love the dress and the sheer layer over the top. The shoes are gorgeous as well :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | Palette Giveaway

  15. The creepy goofs are adorable as always! You took them to the wedding? You look great in that dress so obviously it was meant to be and I love those cat flats. I am certain that I now want some cat flats.

    I love food too, but my metabolism took a huge nose dive after thirty and I cannot eat like I used eat while maintaining a weight 20lbs lighter than I am now. Sucks big time!

  16. I can't get over how adorable you always are. And I want your puppies. :D

  17. Lovely dress <3



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