Little Bits: Pork And Beans

10:03 AM

I feel like every time I do a weekend recap post, I am always telling you guys how busy we were. Well guess what?! We had a busy weekend! Yay! We really want to start spending more time with our pets, they really need it. We also had LOADS of errands to run, and chores to do, and we didn't even get to all of it. 

Friday, I somehow convinced Kyle to help me clean the house after work before doing anything. He grumbled, but complied, and even cleaned a bit more while I made us dinner. Having another pet means that our house needs to be cleaned even more than before. I don't think my house can ever smell like anything other than dog at this point, so we burn lots of essential oils, and candles. Mmm, lavender and dog hair, my favorite! 

I *may* have promised Kyle ice cream if he helped clean, so after dinner we took the dogs out for a walk to Treat Dreams in Ferndale. We were going to split whatever Kyle got, but he discovered that they had butter beer ice cream, so he got me a small scoop. It was amazeballs! After scarfing our ice cream, we noticed that Kyle's sister Danielle, and our sister in-law Renee were out at Como's in Ferndale, so we thought we would call them to come outside and see Joseph. He of course was a little overwhelmed by all of the people downtown, but it didn't stop him from jumping all over Danielle and Renee. After, we walked back home and started season one of Supernatural, and of course became hooked. 

image image image image

Saturday we slept in a little late, then headed down to Eastern Market for our usual produce run. I stopped at Whole Foods for a salad, and bought Kyle a giant water bottle, so now we can look like matching yuppie-dorks. We then headed over to Chris and Michelle's apartment to steal some stuff that they were getting rid of, and to con them into going to a few places with us. We went to the Detroit Antique Mall for the first time, and only managed to spend $18! We bought vintage outlet plates for the house. After bumming around a little more, we said goodbye to Chris and Michelle, and headed out to Meijer. I also somehow managed to convince Kyle to go to Costco, and Target. I had coupons for Target and got some cute clothes for really cheap, and was able to replace some stuff that our old dryer destroyed.

We caved and bought Thai food, and stopped at Bigbby for coffee since they finally put one close to us. We did spend a good five minutes trying to convince the people that work there to install a walk-up window, so that people (like us) can order coffee while they are out with their dogs. I don't think it worked, but they all agreed that it would be an awesome idea.

When we got home, our screen was busted out, and we found out that our kitty Barry had escaped. Luckily he had just hid in the backyard, and Kyle found him. The minute I called "Barry Kittens" and shook the treat bag at him, he came out and I basically mauled the little bastard. I love our pups, but I love our kittens just as much! Even if they are over 7 years old, they are still our kittens. We then put all of our crap away, and watched the Doctor Who premiere (I already really like Peter Capaldi), and then binged on more Supernatural.

Sunday, we walked the dogs to get bagels from New York bagel, and then bought the pups some dogels, which they loved. Then, we attacked our list of chores. Kyle helped me clean, again, then headed out to the yard to mow, weed-whip, and re-install our rain barrels. I did laundry, installed our new outlet plates, touched up the paint in a few rooms, painted the back of the front door (I thought was grey, but is actually a grey-brown, whoops), cleaned, and washed my car, then made a giant batch of tuna salad for the week. We ended the night by cooking some salmon over the fire pit, with some veggies from the garden, and a couple of cold PBRs, it was soooo good.

Not a very exciting weekend, but it was pretty good! I hope that the next weekend that Kyle and I have off, we can spend it doing something fun instead of chores/errands. I also manged to get some more posts prepped for the week, so here is to hoping that I get around to finishing them up and posting them.

Happy Monday!

1) Tiny cupcakes from work on Friday.
2) Tony Spark's new sticker.
3) Pork and Beans box from the antique mall! Reminds me of Weezer.
4) ALL of the apples at the Farmers Market. 

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6 Musings

  1. Sara, you had me laughing at lavender and pet scents. HaHaHa You are too funny! That was awesome that Kyle helped you clean and what a sweet award afterwards. You guys got a lot done! What I always admire is that you get things done and still have fun! That's the way to do things.

  2. Oh, I so need more scents to burn here. Glad your cat was OK. You do go to some fun places!

  3. Great to see how you squeeze in so much on your weekend. Love your tales!

  4. Supernatural?! Stop! I LOVE that show! I totally need to check out Doctor Who. I feel as if I'm the only person on the planet who has never seen it!


  5. I love that you fit so much into a weekend! And it always sounds amazingly fun!

  6. Sometimes (only sometimes) I enjoy a weekend of chores and errands, especially when you get everything done and it's only 5pm on the Sunday... aaaaand relax.

    Usually it's a crazy rush with getting to the shops/buying bits on a Saturday as nothing, really nothing, is open or available on a Sunday in Belgium.

    I should clean my house too... thanks for the reminder ;)


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