You Go Down Smooth

9:37 AM


Casual going-out outfit! Like how I picked all neutrals that don't match, it is my favorite thing to do. I chose this outfit because we were biking to downtown Ferndale to have a few beers with friends on this day, and biking in a skirt can be a little tricky, but the stretchy fabric worked here. Also, say 'hello' to my curly-ish hair. I have been too lazy to blow-dry it every night, so I have been letting it air-dry, then curling bits of it in the morning with a curling iron. Sometimes it is cute, other times it comes uncurled and it just looks strange. People at work are constantly asking me: "Sara, did you do something to your hair?" and I respond with: "Yeah, I brushed it". 

I can't believe that August is almost over! It is my favorite month of summer, but I am really looking forward to fall. We had a very cool summer here in the Midwest, and I actually enjoyed summer for once! However, summer decided to show up these past few days and it has been in the mid-90's and gross. I swear, I am the only one who would take shoveling my car out of the snow every day instead of sweating my balls off. However, to each their own. I am over here impatiently waiting for pumpkin spice everything to hit stores, for the leaves to change, to harvest my garden, you name it! I am hoping to get a few more things done before the haunting season officially starts, I want to paint our living room, go to IKEA, go to DIY fest in Ferndale, go to my cousin Jeremy's wedding, get a cute, fall haircut, go thrifting for more fall clothes, make jellies, jams, pickles, tomato sauces, and salsas to and jar them up, and the list goes on. I am just so motivated this time of year, I really love September. 

My shirt is from a concert that I went to earlier this summer with Kyle, and my friend Mariah. Lake Street Dive is an amazing blues-y/jazz-y/dive bar band that I have been obsessed with for a little while now. This was the first song that I heard from them, so take a listen, if you feel so inclined. 

Shirt-Lake Street Dive merch stand
Earrings-c/o Anjolee 
Sweater-American Eagle Outfitters
Purse & Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters
Skirt-Forever 21

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11 Musings

  1. I think your hair is super cute like this!! I wish I had the patience to keep growing mine out. I just chopped it again!

  2. Cool outfit. Cool music! We love your style!

  3. Love the look! What a great weekend!

  4. What an amazing post! Love your look!

  5. I had to read it twice..i thought it said bad lol Time goes faster as you get older..Sad Fact :S
    Love it :)

  6. I love your casual go-out look! It looks so chillout but ready to go!

  7. Your hair looks great and I love this casual, cool look. The weather has been cooler in the mornings lately and it is making me super excited for Fall. But I am definitely not ready to be shoveling my car out yet! Yuck.

  8. I am so in love with that shirt. Also...your hair! It looks lighter for some reason - so pretty!


  9. When my hair starts to fade people always ask have I dyed it again... umm nope, just washed it.

    I'd rather go for a selection of non matching neutrals than try to pick out just black and still have 12 different shades... I hate that!

  10. Well you look too cute! I love your tee. It was a mild Summer. I'm looking forward to cooler weather also. I just trimmed my hair.

  11. We have such similar styles sometimes, this is one of those times. Those boots and that shirt remind me of a couple of items I own. :)


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