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I made this toner months ago, but I wanted to make sure that it worked well before I did a post on it. Then I made more, and more, and finally realized that I never did the blog post. Whoops. Here it is now! So that counts for something, correct?

I didn't really know what purpose toner served until I was in my early twenties, was working at McDonald's, and had the oiliest skin known to man. It was gross. There was a guy that I worked with who would dump straight witch hazel on a washcloth, then rub it all over his head and neck once he clocked out every day. Yep, we took drastic measures. 

Eventually I quit the fast food business, but the oil never really quit my face (how rude). I get a little oily around my hair line, and have gone through several different face washes, toners, you name it to help get rid of the oil. I actually bought a pretty expensive, rosewater scented toner back in February, and it  was so strong, it dried my skin out to the point where it burned. Not good. I didn't want to spend that much money on something else, so I tried my hand at making my own. 


1 part apple cider vinegar
2 parts water
4-5 drops of tea tree oil

Mix everything in a bottle, and apply with a cotton ball. That is it! This is hands-down the best toner I have ever used. It leaves my face feeling clean, and the acidity from the ACV makes my skin all tingly and I just love it. Of course you can alter the amount of vinegar to your own personal needs, and I am sure that a different essential oil would work fine too. I have a small obsession with melaleuca oil, aka tea tree oil. It helps to reduce the amount of oils the body produces naturally, it helps dry out pimples, and most recently I discovered that if you put a little bit of it on a mosquito bite, it gives instant relief to the itching. There are loads of other uses for it too, and I also really love the scent. 

The best part about this toner? It is all-natural and super, super cheap! It has also helped so much with my skin, that I no longer have the need to use it twice per day, I use it only once and it lasts pretty long. Can't beat that! 

I still have a few products that I would really like to try making myself, but I now have a completely all-natural face cleansing routine that I will have to do a post on soon. Maybe in the next couple of weeks? I have a couple things that I am working on that I have sitting in draft now, so stay tuned.

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9 Musings

  1. I've never used a toner before; but I love the idea of making one myself. Definitely trying this out - and passing it on to my sis!!


  2. I keep wanting to make my own toner but I'm chicken! I recently bought some from a shop that makes it with tea tree oil and I like it - but I want to try the ACV too - do you find it smells bad? I hear a lot of people say that is the only downside to it.

  3. So great to hear about this. I'm glad you explained what a toner is. Alos I really like tree oil for my skin and nails too. A local lady does a herbal insect repellent lotion that I'm so glad I found at the Farmer's market.

  4. I'm learning so much from you! Great to find out about this.

  5. This is really cool Sara! It has so many wonderful uses. I have dry skin, but I'll have to share this with my other friends. Great post.

  6. Tea tree oil also repels mosquitos...I make bug spray with it. I will have to try this toner. I never use toner, but have wanted to. I was going to make a rose water one, so I'm glad I know not to now!

  7. Oooh! I love this! Thank you so much for sharing this! I can't wait to try it out this weekend!


  8. Apple cider vinegar as a toner is A++.

    & yes it's so awesome at relieving bites! I clean all my mosquito/bug bites with ACV then put on a little aloe vera gel & they're gone in an hour or maybe overnight. I use it as a shampoo sometimes too. It makes my scalp feel amazing.

  9. Is it weird that my favourite form of toner/cleanser is none at all? Haha.
    Go you for making this yourself! Nailed it!


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