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It is hard to pick a favorite day from our trip, but if I HAD to, it would probably have been Saturday. We left Freeport Friday night, and arrived in Nassau Saturday morning. I actually don't know what Nassau is like, because we got off of the ship, and then boarded a smaller boat that took us to Blue Lagoon Island, a private island. 

We immediately decided to go swimming, so we piled all of our crap on a bench and jumped in the water. It was around 80 degrees, and the water was SO CLEAR. A few guys were making a sad attempt at volley ball with a beach ball and an inflatable net, so of course we joined in and made it even worse. It was hilarious! Kyle kept saying "It's February! And we are swimming!". I am not normally a beach person (or cruise person for that matter), but it was just so beautiful. 

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Of course there was music. Cat Power was set to open for Weezer, and she did...only two hours late. A few people were pissing and moaning about it, but our friend Kim mentioned that Cat is notorious for being late. We were also on "island time" and whatnot, so we all just plopped down in the sand and enjoyed the warm air. 

When Cat Power finally made her appearance, it was well worth the wait. Her voice is so serene and melodic, a perfect choice for a beach concert. Even when she was talking, I just loved her voice. I wanted her to read random things to me, or narrate my life. That'd be awesome. 

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Then, there was Weezer. The Weezer beach concert was awesome, well, because Weezer, but also because outdoor shows are always my favorite. This time instead of being split into groups, everyone from the ship was out and it was SO much fun! They made sure to play their favorite Weezer songs, as well as a bunch of their hits and B-sides. Kyle took SO MANY awesome photos! We were on the right side of the stage, and so very close. I was jumping up and down so much, my pedometer on my phone thought that I was running. This also about the time where I lost my voice completely.

I think one of my favorite aspects of the cruise was that although it is seemingly a "party cruise", and it is for the most part, there were still quite a few kids around. All of the band member's kids were nearby, and River's daughter even helped out during "Perfect Situation" on the keyboard. It was so cute! She just walked right up with her giant headphones on, played her song, and then walked back down. Later all of the kids came up on stage to help throw beach balls into the audience. 

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Behold: Captain Sass-Pants and his Magistical Mane, aka Brian. Rivers stole my heart years ago, but what the hell happened to Brian?! It is like he thought to himself  "Well I have already been ridiculously attractive my entire adult life, but you know, I think I am just going to go ahead and achieve sex-god status now. It's going to be great watching all the ladies ovaries explode at the sight of me." 

Seriously you gangly-hipster, quit being so disgusting *heavy breathing*.

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After the show, we got back on the boat to head back to the ship for dinner. The theme was "Death to False Metal Night", which is the name of one of Weezer's rarity albums. The idea was to dress metal, so Kyle made his hair all crazy. The theme nights were so awesome because everyone got really into them! The ship was pretty much half hipsters, and half dorks, so basically Tumblr on a boat. 

We saw Ash play, and they were awesome and SO hilarious! I love Ash, they are such a 90's throwback, and had just as much energy as they did back then. We also finally got in the hot tub after several failed attempts, because when else are you going to be in a hot tub on a cruise? It was so cool because the hot tub was located right in front of the deck stage, so we saw Palma Violets play while we were relaxing. 

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Then we saw Pat (from Weezer) and all jumped out of the tub to get a pic with him (I also took another one with him and Kyle later after we all got dressed again, obvs). Pat is SO chill, and nice! He remembered me from the first night, and just hung out on the deck with everyone while the Palma Violets played. 

After the show, most of our group headed to bed, but Kyle, Jason, and I wanted to check out another band, Bleached, so we headed to the casino. That's where I saw Brian! Brian is probably the least approachable, because he is really sassy, but also really shy, and skittish. I managed to say "hi" to him, he said "hi" back, and that was it. Still. 


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8 Musings

  1. 80 degrees....oh how lovely that sounds! I am still loving all the other stuff you're talking about too, but right now 80 degrees is what resonates with me the most. Oh how I wish!

  2. Awesome! Oh..I'd love me some warm weather!! Beautiful and fun pictures!

  3. It looks soooo beauutifuuul! O.O

    I am so happy for you. I can only imagine how shriekingly jump-out-of-my-skin excited I would be to be on a cruise with my favorite band. :D

  4. This is so amazing! And to see CAT POWER,,even if she was 2 hours amazing!

    Looks like you two had a some great times! Love what they do to towels too..on these cruises!

  5. I love the idea of Island Time - so perf. This is seriously like the best thing ever!


  6. I'm not normally a beach person either, but I love looking at photos. I have a friend in Hawaii who practically lives on the beach & she's always posting beach pics on instagram. I love it. It's February & she & her fam are chilling in bathing suits. WHAT.

    I love how you're ending the posts with these rad towel designs. The elephants were cool, but this is like a whole new level of cool. It's like a fish tail braided towel snake.

  7. I wonder if that's where they filmed the movie The Blue Lagoon. It's so pretty Sara. Everyone looked so chill and relaxed. Just sitting on the beach looked tranquil. Glad the concert was awesome. Everyone really enjoyed it. The kids looked like they had a blast! So exciting you got a picture with him. Thanks for sharing these moments doll.

  8. i have to say it's hard to look at these pics when it's negative cold here. basically i'm just jealous, but i really am glad you had a great time!!


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