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So this one time, we met Weezer and this is what happened. No, those are not cardboard cut-outs, or photoshop. Everyone on the cruise got a photo with Weezer! They split us all up into two groups, and did our group the last day. They tried to make it quick, so we really only got to say "hi", before the camera guy told us to get ready. I asked if we could give them bunny ears, and they chuckled and Rivers said "Yeah! Thanks for asking!" MY FEELS. I really wanted to hug Pat and Scott again, and to tell Brian how much I love The Relationship, and to tell Rivers that he is my hero, but I can settle for getting a little laugh out of them, as well as an awesome photo. 

I was really giddy after the photo, luckily we were in line with the two guys we met at the Weezer show, Bobby, and Joe (below). For being a very introverted, it was really easy to talk to a whole boat full of people who are there because they love the same thing that you do. It also helps when you have an extroverted husband who strikes up conversation with anyone. 

image IMG_6498 IMG_6506 IMG_6510 IMG_6563 IMG_6569

Sunday was just a day at sea while we sailed back to Jacksonville, and we took advantage of it as much as possible. We tried to get picks with all of the friends we made, Ryen from Ozma (above in the blue hat, I am kinda bummed that I didn't run into his friend Becky again, she was really cool), Jesus (he picked me up, apparently, dude can lift). Oh and Rivers. !!! Yes! We saw Rivers in the cafeteria and he took a photo with us, such a sweetheart! 

Then, we all decided that the waterslide was a must. I was immeasurably excited about the water slide, I did not know that water slides were basically standard for cruise ships, still. Well, we had to wait around for Kyle to go change, and in the meantime, Rivers and his family made their way up to the water slide as well. We all finally went on, and as Vera, Bobby, and I ran up the slide again, Rivers and his friend came up behind us. Because we had already went once, Vera told them they could go, and they were so excited! So basically, we were kinda on the waterslide with Rivers. Guys, I have no idea how I held my shit together for this, it is all honestly kind of a blur. SO MANY FEELS. 

IMG_6572 IMG_6578 IMG_6596 IMG_6601 IMG_6609 IMG_6621

Later on there was a Weezer Q&A on deck with Adam Devine, it was really funny! Scott and Pat are so open and blunt, and Rivers and Brian are a little more shy, but they had some great answers. We made an attempt to do the coffee tasting with Brian after, but because of all of the crappy weather before the cruise, a lot of the coffee never made it to the boat. Then there was a really long line, so blah. 

Sunday night was also Super Hero Night! We went as Batgirl and Robin, sidekicks FTW! There were some pretty amazing costumes, probably my favorite theme night. We got to catch up on a lot of the other acts on this night as well. Adam Devine and Doug Benson did a comedy show that was just so fucking hilarious I can't even. I was going to take a pic with Doug when I saw him later, but he was really, really, drunk. I probably still should have. 

IMG_6623 IMG_6625 IMG_6650 IMG_6652

Sunday night was the second Weezer show, so while the other group got to go see them, we got a chance to see Diiv (pronounced 'Dive'), and they were really awesome! I loved the diversity of music each band brought with them, but also how they still managed to compliment Weezer. 

We also saw Bleached again, and I think they had to be one of my favorites. As I mentioned, I did like all of the bands we saw, and was mostly excited about Ash, and The Relationship, but Bleached was a surprise. I had listened to all of the bands on Spotify before we left, and of course they are going to sound better live, but Bleached was really, really fun! They had a very energetic stage presence, and were also pretty funny. 

IMG_6729 IMG_6757

Toro y Moi was another great surprise, I think because he brought the most diversity musically. The other bands were, well, bands, and his group was a mash-up of indie-pop and electronic style music. I am pretty sure there is a more accurate name for whatever genre that is, but I would like to call it "awesomesauce". I am not normally big on electronic-style music, but this was great! 

Also, holy cute guy alert! I mean what. 

IMG_6811 IMG_6833 IMG_6844

I think towards the end of the night Kyle and I started to feel a little down as the trip was coming to an end. I am normally one who loves winter, but I was teased by such amazing summer weather while on this trip! Not to mention we finally traveled out of the country! I mean, we've been to Canada, but when Windsor is basically 'South Detroit', it is kinda old news for us Michiganders. However, on the last night Weezer announced that there would be a Weezer Cruise 3.0, so everyone start saving up their money so we can go!


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  1. You seriously have made me want to go on a Weezer cruise and I'm only a casual fan! I'm glad you had such an amazing time!

  2. God I really need to do this cruise thing for real. There's a couple I watch on youtube who go on a cruise every year for their anniversary. They recently went in August & they traveled from New York to the UK. They flew back home from Ireland. It was really interesting & fun to sort of experience it through the video footage just like it's interesting & fun to experience your cruise through your photos & words.

    One day I will experience this greatness. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. So LOVE hearing about all these bands you saw. Oh, and what great friends you guys made on the ship. Wow!

    Oh..its snowing again here..dang.

  4. So love the photos. I love that you are posting about your trip. What fun! Now I want to go on a cruise.

  5. That looks like a fantastic cruise, BUT trust me, if you have only been to Windsor then you haven't been to Canada. ;-)

  6. Wow, Sara, you had an amazing moment!! Lucky you :) You look great as always, and also your husband :) xx

  7. I am so, so glad that you had an amazing time, Sara!'re making me want to go on a cruise now. It looks like a blast. Also pertinent...your Batgirl costume is fierce!!


  8. Oh my gosh, this cruise looks like it was amazing! I had no Idea there was even such thing as a weezer cruise.

  9. WWWWWWWWWWhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooaaaaaaaaaa....................... That was seriously one awesome cruise!!!!!!! 8-0

  10. Such great memories! Love your earrings too!

  11. What a cool pic of you two with Weezer! love your denim jacket. HAHAHA You two are too cool as batman and robin. ummmm, can i have that drink sara? yummmmmmmmmm WIPEOUTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  12. aww, sara everything just look fun awesome and great man i need a vacation haha

  13. sooo fun!
    love your vest - I wish I could borrow

    Inside and Outside Blog

  14. seriously, this trip was custom made for you! how cool!

  15. Okay now I just wanna move to Michigan and hang with you guys all the time. What's that? You were on a honeymoon? It's ok guys, don't mind me :D

    I LOVE that tumbler. Oh my. I want it even though it symbolises an event I wasn't even at.
    You and Kyle are the cutest. Seriously. This whole post is just oozing awesome. It's too much!

  16. That is so cool that you got to go on a Weezer cruise. What a fun time you had too! I wish you explained some of the funny Q&A questions/answers on here. hehe. It is weird. People have told Rob that he looks like Rivers Cuomo (don't kill me if I spelled that wrong) but I never saw it until this shot of you giving him bunny ears. Weird. Anyway, I am glad that you were able to handle being able to meet new people well enough even though you are introverted! I heard that there are extra/intro combination-verts too! I think sometimes I fall into that catagory but I am definitely more extraverted than anything.

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