Ash's Island

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Friday we awoke to find ourselves surrounded by the ocean! Don't worry, the boat didn't sink (obviously). I honestly thought that I would have been more wigged out, but I wasn't. We dragged our butts out of bed pretty early, and wandered around the ship some more. Kyle took pictures of everything. We played some mini-golf, and I didn't even fling the golf balls over the side of the boat! 

It was already much warmer than the previous day, and since we set sail so late, we did not arrive in Freeport until around 3pm. So we spent a few hours hanging out by the pool, eating food, and watching the belly-flop contest with Ash (it was hilarious). 

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When we finally arrived at Freeport, it looked like Tetris. A lot of the excursions were cancelled on account of us arriving so late, but Kyle and I hadn't signed up for anything. We decided to wing it, and ended up meeting some of our group from the night before. Our choices were: beach, dolphins, shopping, or brewery. We all decided on the brewery, and that is about the time when we met Christine and Angelo from New York. I believe Dale introduced everyone with the phrase: "Come with us, we're not quiet."  

Then we went the brewery, where we had crack. And drank A LOT of beer. Ash was our tour guide, and he gave us a tour of the brewery, then led us upstairs to the bar where we had a sample of each beer. Then more samples. Then Ash challenged people to drinking contests (he beat everyone), and then convinced everyone that there was cocaine in the Bush Crack beer. He also told us that the bar was "Ash's Bar", and that we were on "Ash's Island". We drank even more, and when it was time for us to leave, he gave us two beers each to take in the cab. Apparently, that is legal. 

We also took a bunch of pics in the store that I don't remember taking, but they are awesome none-the-less. Also, also, I befriended a dog. 

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Friday was also Valentine's day! We all had dinner together in the fancy restaurant on the boat, and were still very drunk for the most part. One of the guys didn't even remember it the next day, whoops. I have a very classy print of all of us at the dinner table that I will have to scan and post up soon, it is fantastic. 

After dinner we made our way out to the upper deck to see Ozma, they were awesome! I met the guy on the left (below) the night before, he was wearing a red cap a la "Life Aquatic" so I had to say hi, and his friend kept bringing up Ozma. Finally I asked the obvious question: "Are you in the baaand?" and he admitted it. We promised to check them out, so we did. 

Dale and Kim kindly offered to make us some coffee (everything on the boat was garbage), so that helped sober us up for the next event, WEEZER. 


Because there were so many people, they split everyone into two groups to see Weezer play. It was awesome because it was kinda intimate, but still loud and fun. Our seats were in the little balcony, where we met two more awesome dudes,  Joe, and Bobby. 

We sat in our seats for all of about ten seconds, then got up and started jumping around like idiots when Weezer came on. They listed an option on the cruise website for fans to choose which songs they wanted to hear during their set, and so they started with the songs with the least amount of votes, and made their way to the most. They ended up playing a lot of B-sides, some I had heard of, some I had not (I know, bad Sara!). I teared up a few times during the show, during "The world had turned and left me here", and "Across the sea" in particular. I know, I KNOW. I am already hopeless romantic, and emotional basket case, and I cry listening to these songs in the car, so of course I would get emotional seeing them again live. Dammit Rivers and your angsty voice, desperate lyrics, and song-writing talent! I love you.  

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Don't worry, the night ended on a positive note. Weezer played a brand-new song, "Back to the shack", that was pretty awesome. It was such an incredible experience, and I loved every minute of it. 


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10 Musings

  1. The brewery sounds like it was tons of fun! Well, ok, this whole trip sounds like it was tons of fun, but I sure love me some beer so I'd have been all over that!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! OMG OZMA?! Haven't heard that one in a very long time!! Okay, that towel elephant is the best!


  3. What great fun! So cool to get to hang out with new Weezer fans too!

  4. You guys went at a perfect time. Great that you had some very warm weather to enjoy too! Love all the photos! Sweet dog, too!

  5. I've never had a desire to go on a cruise of any sort, but this makes me really jealous, actually.

  6. It makes me SO HAPPY to hear about this adventure of yours. I couldn't pick anything better suited to you and Kyle at this stage in your life. Everything about it is perfect for you guys. Reading about it and looking at the pictures makes me smile like a fool.

  7. I love your dress! The colors looked amazing on you. Also your feather earrings doll! Kyle is so funny! LOL at the pic of him "snoring". I bet the brewery was a blast. You guys had a great time. Love the miniature golf. There are so many options! Love that about your trip.

  8. wow this must be such a great experience, looks amazing and that really does look like tetris. I love mini golf too.

  9. You & Kyle matching with your stripes. MY FEELS! Keep 'em coming! I'm enjoying these stories.


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