Weezer Birthday Party!

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Oh, hai there everyone! I completely disappeared from the blogging world this month, but it was for a great reason: Kyle and I finally went on our honeymoon! Just incase you haven't figured it out yet, we went on the Weezer cruise to the Bahamas! Squuuuueeeee!! I am fangirling all over again just thinking about it. We had some great alone time, met some pretty amazing people, and got to see Weezer!! My favorite band of all time! Gwah!! 

Anywho, I guess I will start from the beginning. The beginning was kind of rough, to be honest. We knew that flying out of Michigan in February was not going to be an easy feat, so we planned on leaving a day early, and flying out a day late. Probably one of the best decisions we ever made, as we were very close to driving to Jacksonville, Florida from Detroit. We were originally supposed to fly from Detroit to Washington D.C., then catch a connecting flight to Jacksonville, arriving around 2pm. WELL, we ended up going to Charlotte, then to Jacksonville, with a long layover, planes that needed to be defrosted prior to departing, as well as the power going out before take off. FUN TIMES, I TELL YOU. However, we made it to Jacksonville around 9pmish, ate at Waffle House (avoided the grits) and went to sleep safe and sound. 

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Obviously the next day (Thursday) was loads better, because we got to board the Carnival Fascination, and cruise with Weezer!! Because of all of the terrible weather, we were supposed to leave port at 4pm, we left closer to 8pm. We still had a blast the first night though! How could we not?! We were on a damn cruise ship for the first time in our lives! We started off by exploring the boat, everything was decked out with Weezer paraphernalia (very sexy). I wanted to see the library first (because dork), but it was closed as it was going to also be the merch room. So we grabbed some fruity drinks, ate some cake, and some cupcakes, and went out on deck to watch the Orwells (above). They were pretty good! In fact, I loved all of the bands we saw, but these guys were a good start to the trip. Front man Mario Cuomo definitely took a spill towards the end of the set, but was really badass and kept singing! 

Next up was a game show featuring Scott, Pat, and Brian from Weezer. They had to do all of these crazy games with guests from the audience and the guests received prizes. It was hilarious! They were riding around on mini bikes, trying to pop balloons (much to the dismay of Brian's apparently sensitive ears), wrapping each other up in toilet paper, it was awesome! Scott went around and hugged everyone after, it was adorable. Of course Kyle and I tried to sneak up and say hi to the guys, and as the security dude was trying to kick everyone out, Scott totally let Kyle take a pic of us and gave me a hug. He is SUPER friendly and goofy. I fangirled pretty hard after. 

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We also caught Scott & Rivers, a J-pop collaboration between Rivers and Scott Murphy. I had no idea what was going on, as everything was in Japanese, but it was high-energy and a lot of fun. They even did "Buddy Holly" in Japanese, it was pretty awesome. As was The Relationship, Brian's other band. I had downloaded their album prior to the trip and was pretty pumped to see them. Brian sometimes sounds a bit like Elvis Costello to me, so of course I was geeked. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE.

 It was pretty packed when The Relationship were playing, so I sat in the back while I waited for Kyle (he was buying things). The table behind me yelled "Pat Wilson!" and I looked up to see Pat! He saw me, and came over and said hi, asked where I was from, liked my tattoo's, and we talked about Saint Andrews Hall for a bit (Weezer used to play there way-back-when). Then he thanked me for coming and shook my hand. I was sooooooo excited when I told Kyle, I mean, my favorite band in the world and I met two of the members on the first night!! Kyle ran into Pat later and thanked him. Pat is awesomesauce! 

If  you couldn't tell by the title of this post, the theme for the night was Weezer Birthday Party. There was cake! We ate the cake! There was free booze! We drank A LOT! There was Rivers in a wig! We took photos! That is about the time when we ran into some of the people that we ended up hanging out with a lot on the cruise. Vera and Jason from Toronto, Chris from Newfoundland, and Dale and Kim from Melbourne, Australia. It was a very exciting first day/night on the cruise, and we had an absolute blast! 

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17 Musings

  1. Your photos are fantastic! Sounds like an awesome time!

  2. I've been waiting to hear all about your cruise!! How much awesome in just your first day alone? Seriously!! Wow! I can't wait to hear and see more!

  3. This is so exciting! Great! for you guys! I'm so happy you two did this. What an awesome adventure!

  4. OH I AM SO FULL OF ENVY! This looks like some great memories! So glad you two could get away during this miserable weather we are having.

  5. I can't imagine anything being better for you than this. Go, Sara!

  6. this is so perfect for you. for real. i'm so glad you had fun!! welcome back!

  7. Awe! So glad to hear you two FINALLY got to go on your honeymoon! Looks and sounds like it was a blast! The pictures are amazing! I'm glad to hear you arrived home safe & sound and didn't contract an illness (like most cruise stories I hear about).

    PS: This post makes me want to listen to Weezer now :)


  8. OHMYGOD These pictures are great. I'm so happy for you!

  9. Your photos are awesome! I didn't even know that there was a such thing as a Weezer cruise, but I'm jealous I didn't get to go! haha. Having said that, I've spend the last three days in Universal/HP World so I can't really complain.

  10. Welcome Back Sara! I missed you girl! I was so happy that you and your husband got away. What a fabulous trip. I remember when you said the weather was bad. I was like, I hope they can get there. HAHAHAHA So glad you did. It was smart of you to plan a day early. What a fabulous cruise! The bands looked AWESOME! Great music, fabulous games and I love the little animals they make. You two looked like you had a blast. So glad you enjoyed doll.

  11. That cruise for sure looks like a lot of fun! Both of you look great together & I love your dress.

    Have a great day.

    ~ Seepz
    Savoir Style

  12. sara you should had taken me with you! haha look like you had a great time... in the warm weather!

  13. That is such a cool honeymoon! Weezer totally takes me back!

    In other news, I've never been to a Waffle House!

  14. Coolest. Cruise. Ever. Also...I'm in love with that little towel elephant!


  15. That cupcake looks like someone pooped on it.

  16. Dude! Dude! This is the freaking coolest. I'm trying to decide what band I would wanna be on a cruise ship with, but I can't even.

    So glad you reflected on the hoohaa about getting there. That will be so fun to look back on later and remember the stress vs how blessed we are now.

    That first picture is amazing. So amazing. You are amazing. I love you! So glad you had a BALL!


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