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So far, 2013 has been a whirlwind of a year. It has been a year of catching up with life after spending so many years in school, followed by a year constructing and executing details of a DIY wedding. It has been a busy year for this blog, as I am always changing the format and expanding the focus of it-mostly to whatever I feel like posting that day-but still. 

Ally over at Shy Biker was kind enough to honor this here blog with one of her annual "Bloggy of the Year" awards this month, alongside two other amazing bloggers: Aya of Couturgatory, and Jessica of Chronically Vintage  (Ally created an amazing post that you should go check out as well). Ally has been one of my best blogger-friends for years now, always supportive of this blog, recommending places for me to see, food to eat, movies to watch, etc. I have also met so many bloggers through Ally, and they are all just as sweet and funny as Ally herself. I highly recommend checking out her blog, go, do it right meow! And go check out Aya and Jessica's blogs too, they are really awesome!

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1) My big-ass trophy! 2) Some amazing coffee from Madcap in Grand Rapids. 3) Things I do while tailgating. 4) Richard Ayaode, because. 5) Tony Spark's spiffy licence plate cover!  6) I have witty friends. 7) My collection of snail mail mostly consists of wonderful things from Ally. 

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8 Musings

  1. Awesome! So glad to see you won!

  2. I am still so happy Ally chose your blog because you are amazing and wonderful and very deserving!! Congrats again!

  3. you deserve that trophy sara! you do an awesome job with blogging and balancing your life. i really enjoy reading it everyday.

  4. Ally, obviously, sends the BEST snail mail - love that postcard! That trophy fun!!


  5. Fantastic picture of the trophy! Enjoy the acclaim.


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